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Mini Solar Insecticidal lamp Controller PWM 6V 12V 1A 3A 5A

This JC Mini Solar Insecticidal lamp Controller is a new generation intelligent controller integrate with charge and

discharge function, it has strong stability and long lifetime. This series with battery voltage automatic identification function, PWM charging mode and comprehensive protection function,such as overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, short-circuit, reversed.

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    CE & RoHS
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    3 Years
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Product Detail

JC Series Solar Controller

I. Product name:

JC Series Mini Solar charge Controller

II.Installation size & connection:

1. Installation environment: controller should be installed in a dry and ventilated place.2.Installation size (kindly find as below) and notice.3.Connection method (as shown in the figure)A. Firstly,connect battery correctly (positive on the left). The Load of streetlight model will keeps long off not only during daytime, but also when it under voltage and over voltage.Otherwise,pls check all the connection carefully.B. Secondly, connect solar panels properly (positive on the left), charge indicator LED began to light, into the charging status. Otherwise,please check all the connection carefully.C. At last, connect load, make sure connection is right (shown in bulb, positive on the left), lamp luminous. The Load of streetlight model will keeps long off not only during daytime, but also when Solar PV Energy Controller under voltage and over voltage.Otherwise,pls check all the connection carefully.

Note: Above connection steps ABC should be connect in order, otherwise, controller will be damaged.


street light dimming control size              

III.LED Status indication:                                                                                                                                        







During night or no connect with battery

Long bright

Battery charge in balance state



          Long bright (Green Led)

Controller have normal output

             Long off  (Green Led)

Controller output protection

IV.Setting Instructions:

This controller have inbuilt dial switch for PV Charge Controller ic , number 8,4,2,1 represent time span.Customer should open outer shell before setting time.You can see dial switch in the right picture after opened outer shell.Kindly find following detail operation as follows:The following dial switch,1, 2, 3, 4, as shown in the diagram means setting time,8,4 ,2 ,1.For example, if customers want to setting 6hours, just to dial up button 2 and 3, operation like this, LED can light last 6 hours. If 11hours needed, dial up button 8, 2, and 1, operation like this, LED will works 11 hours.If customers dial all button (8, 4, 2, 1) up, controller will enter into light control mode.Otherwise, all button (8, 4, 2, 1) be dialed down, controller will come into home system mode, load will have continuous output last 24hours.

V. Function:

1.The model integrate household type and street lamp type design in one controller.2.The controller can be applied to 6V/ 12V battery system.3.The controller has light control and time control (street lamp type).4.The controller has many protective measures,such as overcharge, discharge, over current, short circuit, reversed.5. The controller with precise design and high protective measures.6.With three charging mode, Strong charging, equilibrium charging, floating three-step PWM control are included.

.VI. Safety advice:

1.The controller has reverse connection protection, but it is still strictly be prohibit to connection in reverse direction, this will also damage the load.

2. If battery is found doesn’t work properly or doesn’t work, kindly check all the circuit carefully. To connection solar panel is forbidden at this situation. Controller will be damaged, if both of solar panel and battery connection in reverse direction.

3. To avoid battery short circuit accidently at any time becused battery store up lots of energy.

4. Battery will produce some flammable gas when it charge fully, so, keep fires away, prevent explosion from this situation.

5. Please obey suggestions of the battery producer, avoid children to contact with it, prevent any accident happen.

Mini PV Charge Controller icPV Charge Controller ApplicationSolar PV Energy Controller ConnectionSolar PV Energy Controller radiatorCharge Controller Display

VII. Specifications



Rated Voltage


Strong charging pressure


Equilibrium charging


Float charging pressure


Under voltage


Under recover voltage


Non –load current


Charging circuit voltage drop


Discharge circuit voltage drop


Maximum charging current

1A 3A 5A

Maximum load current

1A 3A 5A

Controller protection

overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, short-circuit, reversed

Charging Mode

PWM Charging Mode

Using  elevation

≤5500m(more than 2000m should be used in lower power

Working temperature


Gross Weight (KG)


Net Weight (KG)


Product size(Length*Width*Height)


Protection level


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Subject : Mini Solar Insecticidal lamp Controller PWM 6V 12V 1A 3A 5A

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