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With the continuous improvement of energy reform in Mexico, clean energy is becoming the second largest economy in Latin America's hot investment areas, attracting the attention of domestic and foreign investors.

Ink local media reports, because optimistic about Mexico energy reform act of good policy, the four richest man in the world before the financial capitalists ink including Carlos Silimu, the most powerful road has been in the field of clean energy investment of $1 billion 190 million, and the same number of additional plans in 2020 before the investment.

International investors are also very optimistic about the development of clean energy ink market opportunities. At the end of last year to start the first round of energy reform clean power bidding, 69 companies at home and abroad to participate in the bidding of the 18 solar or wind energy projects. This round of bidding total investment of more than 2 billion 600 million U.S. dollars, power generation will account for about 2% of the total amount of ink.

Mexico's energy reform aims to open up the private sector to participate in the energy market, improve energy structure, vigorously develop clean energy. By the end of last year, the energy reform bill, by 2024, 35% of the electricity supply from clean energy, by 2050, the proportion of up to 60%. The act also provides that by 2018, in Mexico's energy consumption, clean energy must account for a certain proportion.

Caesar Lou Hernandez, Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of electric power of Mexico, said that in order to achieve these goals, is expected in August this year will be a new round of wind power and solar projects.


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