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JN-T 10A 20A 30A Solar charge Controller with Power Display for household and street lamp

The JN-T series charge controller is the new generation of intelligent solar charge and discharge controller, it has strong stability and high service life.

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    household,street lamp
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    10A 20A 30A
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Product Detail

JN-T SeriesSolar Charge Controller

I. Overview

The product is the new generation of intelligent solar charge and discharge controller, it has strong stability and high service life. This series has 12v/24v automatic identification, 36V,48V with automatic detection battery voltage function and comprehensive protection function: overshoot, discharge, over current, short circuit,  reverse polarity, etc.

II. Installation size and connection

1. Installation environment: installed in a dry ventilated place.

2.Installation size (as below) note: fixed screw specifications M3 * 10

3.Connection method (as shown in figure)

A. First joint battery (positive on the left), connected correctly, digital tube appear "1" or "2" "(" 1" representative into 12 V system, "2" representative into 24 V system), after a few seconds, LOAD light, electricity display bright,Street lamp type LOAD during the day long out, under voltage, over voltage LOAD long out, Otherwise check line.

B. After joint panels (positive on the left) connected correctly, electricity display began to run code, into the charging status. Otherwise check line.

C. The last joint load (shown in bulb, positive on the left) connected correctly, lamp luminous (street lamp type long out, under-voltage, overvoltage long out). Otherwise check line.

Note: Above ABC must pick up in order, take out stitches chronological order on the contrary,otherwise, it will damage the controller.

III.Status indication:


Indicates content









Green Led

Long bright

Load have output

Long out

Load no output

(light control)


load no output






Red Led

(4 pcs)

Long bright

(Or part of  long bright)

Battery power


Move flicker

Charging state


* TEMP: on behalf of the temperature sensor, according to different automatic temperature adjustment each point voltage.


IV. Digital tube display and key SET:

1.Press the SET digital tube display "U", namely into the street lamp and the household with select menu, and then click on the button immediately at this time there will be "1" or "2". "1" on behalf of the household type, "2" on behalf of the street lamp type. Waiting for digital tube out, namely data save.

2.Press the SET key lasts 5 seconds, digital tube display "H" representatives control (street lamp type controller characteristic, household type invalid),  now let go and press the button into time control settings (time control on behalf of the controller output H hours later no longer output),each click add one hour "0 - F" represent 0 to 15 hours. (time control from open lamp at the beginning of time, do not have Beijing time). Waiting for digital tube out, namely data save.

3.Press the SET key lasts 10 seconds, digital tube display "h" representative after light control delay h hours turn on the light. "0 - F" represent 0 to 15 hours, now immediately press the SET key, and then adjustable delay time. Waiting for digital tube out, namely data save.

4.Press the SET key lasts 15 seconds, digital tube display "y" for recovery factory.

5.Overload shows "L", short circuit shows "8"



1. h default is 0 hours (controller normal in optical when opening the lamp immediately will turn on the light, only suitable for street lamp type) * household type is not controlled by light controller and time control *.

2. The controller has power-fail protection (namely key after regulation, the controller without electricity, also can save the last adjustment data), such as the discovery of controller is not normal, can view "U" "H" "H" setting is normal or not.

V. Functions:

1.The controller has household type and street lamp type in the design of an organic whole.

2.The controller has 12 v, 24 v automatic identification of the design.

3.The controller has light control and time control (street lamp type).

4.The controller has the overcharge, discharge, over current, short circuit, answer back and protective measures.

5.Scientific and rigorous shape design, the use of high-grade protection means.

6.With the Strong charging and equilibrium charging, floating three-step PWM control charging ways.


Note: if the 24 v battery loss bad, voltage is less than 17 v, connected to the controller may recognition for 12 v system. (such as the discovery of battery under-voltage, controller still output normal, need to change battery).

VI. Safety advice:

1.The controller has reverse connection protection, but still it is strictly prohibited to pick back, and then against load there is some damage.

2.Joint battery found controller doesn't work properly or doesn't work, must be timely inspection line, not allowed at the moment it is to pick up panels (panels and battery at the same time meet back and may damage the controller).

3.Battery has lots of energy, at any time to avoid battery accident short circuit.

4.Battery is full of charge will produce some combustible gas, attention away from the spark to prevent explosion.

5.To comply with the battery manufacturer's safety advice, avoid contact with children, prevent accidents.

VII. Appendix:

Rated voltage




Strong charging pressure




Equilibrium charging




Float charging pressure




Under voltage protection




Under recover voltage




Maximum-charging current




Maximum load current




Over load protection

3s recover 1.2 times, 10s recover 1.5 times, more than two times need manual recover

Maximum wire diameter


Working temperature


Weight (gross)


Product size


Protection level



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