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wind solar hybrid controller
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JN-R Series 30amp 40amp 50amp 60amp 12v 24v 48v auto solar charge controller LCD displaying

Solar Controller transform the solar energy into electricity power through the solar panel and stores,is widely used in mobile communication base stations,microwave stations,but also provide power supply for the pastoral areas,border,island units,and mobile occasions and so on.

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    12v 24v 48v auto
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    3 years
  • charging current:

    30A 40A 50A 60
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Product Detail

JN-R Series 30a 40a 50a 60a 12v 24v 48v auto solar charge controller LCD displaying

Functions and features

1. characteristics of series pulse width modulation technology

The controller adopts advanced series pulse width modulation (PWM) mode, 0 to 100% of the wide range of PWM regulation can be in any system conditions for fast and stable charging battery. PWM is charging automatically changes the duty cycle of the pulse current charging the battery, the charging battery can make more safe and fast full power, disconnect the battery produced by a chemical reaction between the oxygen and hydrogen have time to combined to be absorbed, so as to reduce the battery internal pressure, so that the battery can absorb more power. Pulse charging method makes the battery have a more sufficient time of chemical reaction, and improve the acceptance rate of the battery to the charging current.

2.  Battery charging information description

Figure 2. battery charging process diagram

A. Fast charging stage

In the fast charging stage, the battery voltage has not yet reached the full voltage set value, the controller will provide 100% of the available solar energy to charge the battery.

B. Enhance charging stage

When the battery is charged to the set value of the voltage, the controller continuously regulates the battery current to maintain the fixed point of the voltage. This can prevent the battery from overheating, to prevent the battery from producing gas. The default upgrade charging time is 120 minutes, and then transferred to the floating stage. Enhance the charging time can be set to a range of 10 minutes --180 minutes. If 120 minutes to enhance the charge is not completed, the time will be charged again and the time will be accumulated until 180 minutes

C. Floating charging stage

When charging is complete, the controller to the floating stage. When the battery is completely filled, there will be no more electrochemical reactions, when all of the charging current into heat and gas. Then enter the floating stage, floating stage with smaller voltage and charging current, so reduce the battery temperature and gas emission at the same time, floating stage charging very weak. The float is intended to compensate for self discharge of battery system and small load produces power consumption, while maintaining the full power storage battery. In the floating stage, the load may continue to acquire power from the battery. If the load exceeds the solar charging current, the controller will no longer be able to maintain the voltage of battery of set value in the floating charge. If the battery voltage is lower than the set value of recovery the enhance charging , the controller will float back to fast charging stage.

D. equilibrium charging stage

Some types of batteries are due to periodic and balanced charging, which can stir the electrolyte, balance the battery voltage, and complete the chemical reaction. The battery voltage is increased when equilibrium charging , the battery voltage is higher than the standard complement voltage, and the battery electrolyte is gasification. The controller judge the battery under-voltage,then begin the equilibrium charge , the default continues equilibrium charging time is 120 minutes, if 120 minutes donot complete in one time, the charging time will be accumulated to180 minutes until equilibrium charging is completed. equilibrium charging and enhance charging is not repeated in a full process, so as to avoid too much precipitation of gas or battery overheating. equilibrium charging time can be set to a range of 0 minutes --180 minutes.

Warning: the explosion risk. opening type lead-acid battery can produce explosive gas.Battery must be well ventilated.

Note: equipment damage!

Equilibrium can increase the battery voltage to damage the sensitive dc load, verify all the load of the system ‘s allowed input voltage is higher than the battery charge balance set point.

Note: equipment damage!

Charging too much, too much gas evolution may damage the battery plate, and leads to the active material on the battery plate fall off.Equalizing charge is too high or too long may cause damage.Please check carefully to the specific requirements of the battery used in the system.

3. man-machine interface

l  LCD

When the system is connected in normal and the sun shines into the solar panels, LCD display normal,solar panel icon and charging marquee work.

l  Fault indication

When the battery voltage under voltage, the panel's ERROR icon flashing, corresponding V under flashing, when the battery over-voltage, ERROR icon flashing, corresponding V OVD flashing .when the machine over-temperature, ERROR icon flashing

l  load operation mode

Load mode have two types of home mode and street light mode, elected the home mode, when the controller power into a stable condition, automatically open the load output, and if battery power enough and not in abnormal conditions, continuous output will be 24 hours a day, If the controller is set to street lamp mode, the controller has no output when it is charged.

l  Light control mode

When the output load is set to street lamp mode, light control function open, PV terminal voltage is higher than 8V (6-10V), turn off the load output, when the PV voltage is less than 4V (2-8V), open load output

l  Light and time control mode

When the output load is set to street lamp mode, light control function open, PV terminal voltage is higher than 8V (6-10V), turn off the load output, when the PV voltage is less than 4V (2-8V), open load output. When entering the time control mode, at the same time enter the first period of timing, the timing is 6 hours by default (0-24h can be set), 6 hours later, closing of the load output, entered the second period (off load output) and third period (open load output) timing (default second period and third period is 0).

4. parameter settings and implications

A.JN-K series parameter setting method

Key: press the set button (enter), Vunder lights up, press the set button will be continuous, cyclic switching between Vunder, Vunder-R, Vovd, Vovd-R, Vfloat, Vbcr, Vecv, L-con-V, Time, time1, time2. By pressing the UP button, the corresponding set parameter is increased by 0.1 for one step. When the button is not operating, wait for 10S, exit setup mode.

B.JN-R series parameter setting method:

Description: the key operating parameters, press the UP and DOWN keys to switch between Vbattery, Vpv, Icharge, Iload; parameter settings, press the enter button, Vunder lights, then press the set button, cyclic switching between Vunder, Vunder-R, Vovd, Vovd-R, Vfloat, Vbcr, Vecv, L-con-V, Time, time1, time2, press UP and DOWN button, set the parameters corresponding to the 0.1 for a step increase or decrease. Press ESC button, exit button settings

C. LCD display parameters:

V float: battery float voltage setting

V Bcv: battery enhance charging set       V battery: battery voltage

V ecv: battery equilibrium charging set     L-CON-V: control voltage setting

I charge: charging current                I loat: load current

VPV: PV panel voltage                   ERROR: fault tips

V under: battery under voltage setting

V under-R: battery under pressure recovery settings

V Ovd: battery overvoltage setting        V ovd-r: battery overvoltage recovery settings

Time: time control of the first time period, when the Time=24h, is home model.

Time1: time control of second time period. time of off light setting.

Time2:time control of third time period.  time of turn on light setting.

Figure 3. LCD display and parameter description diagram

5. communication and remote connection for option

5.1 communication connection mode

1).  Through the RS232 special communication cable to connect the PC can be used to set up the parameters of the controller

2).  Through the RS232 transfer to USB special cable to connect the PC can be set to modify the parameters of the controller.

5.2. remote connection step and operation interface

1).  Open the PC machine, insert the CD attached inside the shipment, according to the installation steps to install the controller monitoring software.

2).  After the installation is completed, open the controller to monitor the software click the" communication settings" in the menu , select the corresponding serial number through the drop-down menu, select the other parameters by default, click  the connection. If successful communication, the communication interface will display the success of communication and green icon will be bright. If the communication is not successful, the communication interface will prompt communication is not connected at the same time the red icon will be bright.

3).  After successful communication, through the menu bar of the "parameters of the query" menu to view the various parameters of the controller and fault information

Product Pictures:

package of JN-R solar controller

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