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How to improve the power of PV power station


In the course of using PV power station, natural aging will reduce the efficiency of PV panels. However, some problem can be avoid. That need user inspect PV power station regularly. It can reduce the losses from natural factors.

1. PV Module’s Damage

Home PV power stations are generally combined with multiple PV modules. The electrical properties of the components are inconsistent, so there will be a combination of power loss. Therefore, in order to reduce the combined loss, in the installation of PV modules, we should choose the same current, the same attenuation characteristics of the components.

2. Dust Shelter

Dust shielding is the most common fault in the process of customization of PV. Dust can affect the radiation of the components, reduce the amount of power generated by the components, and affect the heat dissipation of the components, thereby reducing the conversion efficiency. With the acidity of the dusty material for a long time on the surface of the components, resulting in rough surface components, resulting in dust accumulation, increase diffuse reflection.

Therefore, in the use of photovoltaic power station, cleaning the PV modules regularly is an effective way to improve the power generation.

3. Temperature Characteristics

Due to solar radiation, in the course of PV power station working, the temperature of PV modules continue to rise. The higher the temperature, the lower the power of photovoltaic components. Therefore, in the use of home photovoltaic power station, we need to maintain the ventilation of the photovoltaic power station, that can reduce the impact of temperature on the photovoltaic power station.

4. Losses about Line and Transformer

When design photovoltaic power station, we should try to reduce the system circuit loop clues. And use good conductive performance and enough diameter wire can effectively control the line loss. In the system maintenance, we should pay attention to whether the plug-in and the terminal is connected, and make sure they will not affect the circuit.

5. Inverter’s Efficiency

Due to inductors, transformers, IGBT, MOSFET and other power devices, inverter will damage slowly when it is operating. Generally, efficiency about group of string inverter is 97%-98%, efficiency about centralized inverter is 98%, the transformer efficiency is 99%.


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