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How to choose solar panel specifications for solar street project


In a solar street lamp system, the solar panel specifications determines the quality of the street light directly. Some of the common street lamp failure, such as lack of lighting time, charging abnormalities, and even solar street lamp system damage are related with the specifications of solar panels. Here's how to choose the solar panel specifications for analysis:

1. Solar panels must choose the correct open circuit voltage and operating voltage

If you choose the PWM solar charge controller, to 12 V storage charge, the open circuit voltage is generally about 20V, the operating voltage is generally 17.5V. If the 24V battery charge, open circuit voltage and operating voltage of 12V twice.

If the MPPT solar controller is selected, the open circuit voltage of the solar panel can not exceed the maximum input voltage of the controller.

2. Solar panel power selection

Solar panel power selection, according to the following company calculations:

P = Q * h / U * ξ1 / ξ2 / ξ3 * Vp


Q-- load power

H - load day use time

U - system voltage

ξ1 - the number of integrated solar system, take 1.05

ξ2 - control circuit efficiency, take 0.85

ξ3 - battery charge and discharge efficiency, take 0.85

Vp - solar panel voltage.

3. Solar panel types, Single crystal and Polycrystalline

Single crystal solar panels more efficient, light fades smaller, but the price a little more expensive

Polycrystalline solar panels relatively low efficiency, but the price is cheap

4. Solar panel dimensions

Dimensions has a lot of size, which size is more appropriate, this is determined by their own street lighting installation environment, in general, the same power, choose a smaller size is more appropriate.

5 other manufacturing processes

Including the thickness of the aluminum frame, the transparency of glass, sealant is uniform, packaging and transportation


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