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Governance haze must use clean energy


With the fog and haze in Beijing, but also with everyone's concern about the air, in November, so far to the end, to leave behind is clean energy is necessary, the conclusion.

In order to control haze, we must use clean energy, and solar energy is a very important part of clean energy. Germany has gained a foothold in the past more than and 10 years and is now beginning to combine photovoltaic and energy storage. When the German parliament in the final vote does not weaken the energy storage battery subsidies, won the praise of the industry, but the average power of the people every two hours to pay more than two points.

Solarworld in the situation of a good premise, in Poland, South Africa and other places quickly forward Triumphant news keeps pouring in.. Although it is only a year of domestic 1.2GW micro installation, but also in the GW club. Germany enterprises, did not fall in the pace of innovation of photovoltaic products, and actively promote, in addition to the ISE in the production process of the progress of KIT in organic photovoltaic cell breakthroughs, such as the Baer small company has a new breakthrough in the inverter. AEG has also done a lot of work on board level and battery level monitoring. Coverstro is a strong investment in research and development of materials, to reduce the cost of photovoltaic push a. Veteran chemical company Merck in terms of transparent photovoltaic efforts to achieve the technical level of 50W/m2.

Bloomberg in Germany is also considered positive, dozens of companies together, especially from Asia, the company will do a comprehensive comparison of the product, did not expect the winner is actually not much fame Eging.

In the United States, Las Vegas began to consider 100% of the "green power", just do not know if this is not a Canadian CSI have a chance, or say Sunpower or SunEdison have a chance.

As long as Google shot involved in the field, we have to shake, this time, they are doing power plant.

In India the slogan loudly, to become the world's second major PV, 40% non electric power demand in the District People's hopes on photovoltaic.

The most interesting thing is: Allianz announced that all carbon related transactions, they are no longer involved.


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