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Factors Affecting the Service Life of Solar Street Lamp Controllers


Solar street lamp controller warranty period is how long, the design life is how long, which is a lot of the purchase of the controller of the technical staff and procurement staff are most concerned about one of the problems, then the solar street lamp controller by which the life The impact of it, and now I am one by one analysis:

A: The choice of controller components related

Components to choose the preferred solar controller to determine the service life, some manufacturers in order to save costs, choose some of the lack of precision, poor resistance components, Month, as many as six months, component performance failure, the controller or no high and low voltage protection, or can not normally detect the voltage, resulting in street lights can not work, serious damage to the battery.

Second: the controller of the processing technology

Some small workshops using manual plug-in, man-made easily lead to errors, some resistance plug in, some capacitors inserted wrong. Affecting the life of solar street light controller. Anhui JNGE Power uses all-chip technology, machine operation, to reduce the artificial bad.

Three: waterproof level

Solar street light controller is generally installed in the outdoors, 365 days of uninterrupted work, the use of the environment is very bad, if not all waterproof, or installed in a waterproof box, over time, it is easy to cause short-circuit internal electronic components. Cause bad. Anhui JNGE Power solar controller with full glue technology, waterproof rating IP68. Can adapt to any harsh working environment.


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