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2016 is a milestone in the growth of global PV installed capacity. According to the latest statistics released by the German Solar Energy Association, 2016 global PV installed capacity of 70GW, compared with 2015 growth of about 30%, thus, the global PV installed capacity of 300GW. In the new installed capacity in 2016, China contributed 34.54GW, compared with the new installed capacity in 2015, an increase of 128%, the cumulative installed capacity of 77.42GW, new and cumulative installed capacity are the world's first. The United States 2016 annual installed capacity of 14.76GW PV, installed capacity increased by 97%, of which the public operating capacity has played a major role in pulling.

Japan is still the largest market forChina's PV module exports, but in 2016,China's exports of PV modules amounted to US $ 2.834 billion, down by 26.80% from 2015.Japan's solar market is expected to show a recession trend, in July 2016 by the Chinese market rolled up the global component of the decline in value of the Japanese solar energy plant even worse. Panasonic, Kyocera, Sharp Solar business due to weak market conditions and the downward trend, the Group's performance has been dragged down. Since 2014,JapanisChina's largest PV module export market, the Chinese brand has occupied the Japanese market share of more than 40% to 2016 has reached 46%.

We initially predicted that the Japanese installed market in 2017 will appear more substantial decline in the annual installed capacity may be between 8-9GW. Affected by this,China's PV exports toJapanwill face a more complex situation, the short term exports toJapanmay continue to decline.

In 2016, theUSmarket accounted for 11% ofChina's total exports of components, the export value fell 20.33% to 1.427 billionUSdollars.Prospect 2017, by Trump related to the policy of the impact ofChina's exports of photovoltaic products to theUnited Statesthere are still large variables. Trump's energy policy is aimed at fueling petrochemicals and plans to revoke the climate agreement signed by former President Barack Obama at theParissummit, and even support overweight trade barriers to stop trade liberalization, the energy industry is rapidly frozen. At present, we remain cautious about theUSmarket, it is expected to basically maintain a slight concussion in 2017, but does not rule out the sudden impact of policy factors, also suggested that the parties to keep relevant dynamic tracking.

India in 2016 becameChina's PV module exports the second largest market, in 2016,China's exports of photovoltaic components inIndia2.459 billionUSdollars, an increase of 78.68% over 2015. WhileChina's PV module has risen sharply onIndia's exports, the dependence of Indian PV industry on Chinese products is also rising. According to the statistics of India's Ministry of Commerce, during the period from April to October, Products have accounted for 87% of the market, by Malaysia, but accounting for only 7%, ranked third in Taiwan, accounting for only 3%.Looking ahead 2017, India is currently 14.2GW solar power project is under development, 6.3GW of solar power is being tender. We initially expectedIndia's solar power generation in 2017 will increase 8.7GW, including 1.1GW roof solar panel power generation plan.



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