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wind solar hybrid controller
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DC to AC high frequency off grid pure sine wave inverter/ AC mains hybrid inverter

Full power pure sine wave inverter used for off grid wind and solar system high quality inverter with CE ROSH certification can used as UPS inverter for home power system.

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    off-grid Solar system
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    3 years
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  • Cooling Mode:

    with over-temperature the fun will work
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Product Detail

Two types 300-6000 watt power inverters there for option

A, off grid high frequency pure sine wave inverter

B, off grid high frequency Hybird pure sine wave inverter with mains function

The inverter adopts intelligent IC control of this series inverter , it have perfect defensive function and with working indicator and fault alarm functions. It takes import high quality double sizes PCB circuit and components to produce high quality product with high-performances.This inverter with pure sine wave output so that can be applied to any type AC loads. With good appearance and can be taken easily because of the mini size.

A type Power inverter features:

1) The use of advanced CPU single-chip microcomputer intelligent control technology double, high reliability, low failure rate of characteristics.

2) Pure sine wave output inverrter, with load capacity, wide application

3) With perfect protection function (voltage protection, over-voltage protection, output short circuit protection, thermal protection, overload protection).

4)Cooling fan intelligent control, the cooling fan CPU control of the work of the state, greatly extend the service life of the fan, and saving energy efficiency.

5) Work little noise, high efficiency, the output of the perfect pure waveform, prolong the service life of electrical equipment.

6) Low voltage alarm function.

B type inverter- AC mains hybrid inverter features:

1. when battery power off, it will auto switch to mains power.

2. when mains power off, it will auto switch to battery, as inverter ups function

Technology Parameter of both A/B type:

Power Level 300W           500W     1000W    2000W    3000W    4000w    5000w    6000w
Rated Power 300W          500W     1000W    2000W    3000W    4000w    5000w    6000w
Peak Power 600W(<1S)      1000W(<1S) 2000W(<1S) 4000W(<1S) 6000W(<1S) 8000W(<1S) 10kW(<1S) 12kW(<1S)
Input Voltage  12V/24V/48V/96 24V/48V/96V
Output Voltage 100VAC±5%/110VAC±5%/120VAC±5%/  200VAC±5%/220VAC±5%/240AC±5%
Output Frequency 50HZ±0.5HZ or 60HZ±0.5HZ
Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Wave form distortion  THD<3%(linear load)
Output Peak Efficiency Maximum  94%
Starting Mode Before and after the bipolar soft stat
Cooling  Air cooling
Protect Function Under voltage Overvoltage LED red light turn on , automatic recovery buzzer alarm
OverLoad LED red light turn on, lock, buzzer alarm
OverTemperature LED red light ,self-recovery, buzzer alarm
Short Circuit LED red light ,self-recovery  ,buzzer alarm
Input Reverse Connection diode,fuse
Working Temperature [-20_+75 degree]
Stock Temperature [-30_+75 degree]

hybrid inverter

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