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Current Situation and Characteristics of Global Photothermal Industry


In response to global warming in the context of vigorously develop renewable energy sources to replace fossil energy has become the trend of energy transformation in many countries. In the current number of alternative renewable energy sources, solar energy is undoubtedly one of the world's best energy, long-term energy strategy in the country occupies an important position.

Solar thermal power generation (hereinafter referred to as light and heat) with its good matching with the power grid, photoelectric conversion rate is high, continuous and stable power generation and peaking power generation capacity, power generation equipment green, environmental protection, do not produce toxic substances, Of the high degree of concern. According to the testing of professional organizations, in the whole life cycle, solar thermal power generation per kilowatt-hour carbon dioxide emissions, the median is only 18 grams, well below the photovoltaic 110 grams, is the real clean energy. The heat can be stored more economically and supplemented by burning, the advantages of both photovoltaic (clean energy) and thermal power (grid affinity), China's new energy strategy is the inevitable choice.

First, the international solar thermal power industry development status and characteristics

(A) the global commissioning of light thermal power station installed nearly 5GW, Spain, the United States lead

From the 1950s, the birth of solar thermal power generation technology, the global solar thermal power industry has gone through multiple stages of development. The current global solar thermal power market shows Spain, the United States installed capacity of the total lead, emerging market installed capacity began to release, the whole industry worldwide booming situation. Despite the slightly different data from different sources, but the rough calculation, as of the end of December 2015, the world has been put into operation of the thermal power station is close to 5GW.

Global installed capacity of solar thermal power generation (2006 ~ 2015), Source: IRENA

International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) statistics show that as of the end of December 2015, Spain in the light thermal power station with a total installed capacity of 2300MW, accounting for nearly half of the world's total installed capacity, ranking first in the world; the total installed capacity of the United States 1777MW , Ranking second in the world; both total light and heat installed more than 4GW, accounting for about 88% of the global solar thermal installed. by India, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Morocco and other countries.

Installed capacity of solar-thermal power plants in the world (as of December 2015), Source: IRENA

(B) of the emerging market countries, rapid development of light and heat, installed growth over the West, the United States

In 2015, the global installed capacity of solar thermal power mainly from Morocco, South Africa and the United States, emerging markets from the installed capacity growth for the first time over the two traditional markets in Spain and the United States.

According to the International Energy Agency Solar Thermal Power and Thermal Chemistry Organization (SolarPACES) statistics, as of the end of February 2016, the global installed solar thermal power plant installed capacity of about 1.4GW. Among them, Morocco has the highest installed capacity of 350MW, including 200MW NOORII trough thermal power plant and 150MW NOORIII tower thermal power station. In recent years, China has also started to develop light and heat power generation industry, installed capacity of installed capacity in the second place, for the 300MW (with domestic statistics slightly different). India's installed capacity of projects under construction 278MW, ranking third, by South Africa, Israel, Chile and other countries.

Installed capacity of solar thermal power stations under construction (as of February 2016), Source: Solar PACES

(C) accounted for most of the trough power generation, tower power prospects

The current solar thermal power generation in accordance with the solar energy collection methods can be divided into trough power generation, tower power generation, Fresnel power generation and butterfly power generation.

According to incomplete statistics, as of February 2016, the global solar thermal power station built and under construction, the largest number of trough power stations, about 80% of the total number of built and under construction thermal power station, tower power ratio More than 11%, Fresnel-type power plant accounted for less than 9%.

A variety of solar thermal power generation technology installed capacity and power generation statistics (rough statistics, as of February 2016)

As the tower-type photovoltaic power generation system integrated high efficiency, more suitable for large-scale, large-capacity commercial applications in the planning and construction of solar thermal power plant projects, the proportion of the tower has exceeded the trough technology. Comprehensive judgment, the future tower-type solar thermal power generation technology may be the main technical schools of light and heat power generation.

In the process of the development of light and heat projects, choose the best operators, optimize the allocation of resources, the formation of a competitive market mechanism in order to give the industry the largest power to reduce power generation costs in order to give more room for decline. In recent years, the emerging market in the development of solar thermal power industry, most of the competitive bidding system is used, that is, according to the level of the bid price to determine the final price of each project on-grid. Competitive bidding has led to increased competition, with lower LCOE and more favorable financing support, which will undoubtedly drive the further development of photothermal power generation industry.

South Africa, for example, with the technological progress and more and more companies to join the competition, South Africa, the successful bidder price of solar thermal project was gradually declining trend. The average bid price for the first round of solar thermal power generation project was 22 cents / kWh, while the average bid price for the second round of solar thermal power generation project was about 21 cents / kWh. In the third round of bidding, the consortium led by SolarReserve and Saudi ACWA won the right to develop the 100MW Redstone tower-type solar thermal power generation project with a bid price of 12.4 cents / kWh for the first year and the remaining contract During the acquisition price of 15 cents / kWh, almost just two rounds of solar thermal power project bidding price of half.


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