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Combinatorial Logic Controller


Combined logic controller, also known as hard-wired controller (solar charge controller MPPT), composed of logic circuits, completely by hardware to achieve the function of the instruction.

Design steps:

(1)Design machine instruction system: specify the type of instruction, the number of instructions and the order and function of each instruction.

(2)Initial overall design: such as register settings, bus arrangements, calculator design, the connection between components and so on.

(3)Draw instruction flow chart: mark each instruction at what time, what parts of what kind of operation.

(4)Scheduling operation schedule: that is, according to the instruction flow diagram decomposition of the operation for the micro-operation, according to the time period listed in the machine should be micro-operation.

(5)List of micro-operation signal expression, simplification, circuit implementation.

Basic composition:

(1) The instruction register is used to store the instruction being executed. The instruction is divided into two parts: the opcode and the address code. The opcode is used to indicate the operational nature of the instruction, such as addition, subtraction, etc .; the address code gives the operand address of the instruction or the information about the address of the operand (in this case, the operand address is formed by the address forming circuit). There is an instruction called a branch instruction, which is used to change the normal execution order of the instruction. The address code part of this instruction gives the address of the instruction to be executed.

(2) opcode decoder: used to decode the instruction code, generate the corresponding control level, complete the analysis of the command function.

(3) timing circuit: used to generate time stamp signal. In microcomputers, the time stamp signal is typically three levels: instruction cycle, bus cycle and clock cycle. The micro-operation command generation circuit generates various micro-operation commands that specify the operation of the instruction. The main basis for these commands is the time stamp and the finger.

The nature of the operation. The circuit is actually the micro-operation control signal expression (such as the above A L expression) circuit implementation, it is the most complex part of the logic controller.

(4) instruction counter: used to form the next instruction ( used to direct user about solar power system controller ) to be executed address. Normally, the instructions are executed sequentially, and the instructions are stored sequentially in the memory. Therefore, in general, the address of the next instruction to be executed can be formed by adding the current address to 1, and the micro operation command "1" is used for this purpose. If the transfer instruction is executed, the address of the next instruction to be executed is the address to be transferred. The address is in the address code field of the branch instruction, so it is sent directly to the instruction counter.


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