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According to the US Cable News Network website reported on July 18, with the Trump government to let the United States out of the Paris climate agreement, Beijing is investing heavily in clean energy and creating millions of jobs.

Even in China, where coal has dominated or dominated, the government is already aware of the future economic opportunities in the field of clean energy," said Lin Minchin, director of climate and energy policy at the American Society for Conservation of Nature.

According to the latest annual report of the International Renewable Energy Organization, only 2.5 million people in China in the solar industry work, compared to the United States only 260,000 people work in the solar industry.Reported that President Trump promised to achieve re-employment of coal miners at the same time, China is moving in the opposite direction.

Reported that coal still accounts for a major part of China's energy consumption, but Beijing has begun to close coal mines, and last year set plans to cut the coal industry about 1.3 million jobs. The Chinese government has also taken action to limit the construction of new thermal power plants. In addition, China's National Energy Board announced the goal of reducing the proportion of coal consumption, but also set the 2030 clean energy consumption accounted for 20% of the target.

Analysts expect China to easily accomplish this goal. Green peace’s report earlier this year pointed out that China's clean energy consumption in the end of 2015 rose to 12% of total energy consumption. According to official statistics, the United States accounted for about 10% of total renewable energy consumption.China promised to invest 2.5 trillion Yuan in renewable energy by 2020, in order to achieve the 2030 target, China is investing heavily in renewable energy.

It is expected that these investments will create about 10 million jobs in the sector. According to the International Renewable Energy Organization, China's clean energy sector has 3.5 million jobs, is clearly the world's most jobs in the country.

Reported that China has become a major manufacturing and renewable countries, renewable energy technology, about two-thirds of the world's solar panels are provided by China. China has also made great achievements in wind energy, creating nearly half of the world's wind turbines.

China's hottest new project is a large floating solar power plant in Anhui Province, the world's largest floating solar panel facilities. According to the construction of the power plant Sunshine Power Co., Ltd., said the power plant for the production of 15,000 households.Reported that the solar power plant floating below the surface of the past was a coal mining subsidence area, so that the concept of solar panels floating up quickly is popular, because the solar industry has always faced a problem - the site.


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