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wind solar hybrid controller
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Buck Type constant current IC PWM Solar Charge Controller 12V 24V 5A 10A 15A 20A with remote IP68 Waterproof

JN-WH series 5A 10A 15A 20A 12V/24V automatic constant current pwm with light controller all-in-one adopts infrared wireless communication technology, constant current machine with the remote control can realize the pwm solar charge controller manual parameter Settings.Users can set different control parameters according to actual condition, make the system work in the optimal state.

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  • Rated Voltage:

    12V/24V automatic
  • Maximum Current:

    5A 10A 15A 20A
  • Certification:

    CE & ROHS
  • Warranty:

    3 Years
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I. Product Description

JN-WH series buck type constant current controller all-in-one adopts a new way of digital constant current source design, it have adjustable parameters, the LED current is adjustable, the power set of new features.,with high efficiency, high power density, lamp bead series driver, multistage dimming, etc.

II.Main Feature

1. Brand new wireless remote control design, through the handheld device can modify the controller parameters;

2. Data communication USES the handshake protocol and data compression algorithm for many times, makes a fast data transmission;

3. Real constant current control, are free to set the constant current value, based on constant current value of the dimming technology;

4. IP68 waterproof rating, aluminum design, can effectively prevent all forms of corrosion.

5. The highest efficiency of 99%;

6. Automatic dimmer mode can be regulated according to battery power load power of solar controller pool;

7. Four times dimmer design, working time 0 ~ 15 hours can be set, 0% ~ 100% power can be set;

8. Improved three-step charging algorithm, effectively prevent the battery inequality and sulfuration, improve battery life..

9.Over-charges, over discharge, short circuit protection and overload protection as well as electronic protection against reverse polarity.

III.Technical parameters of solar controller amperage

System voltage

12V/24V Auto

System current


Discharge current

Can be set up by the remote control, range 0.33 ~ 3.30 A, A default: 0.33 A

Rated power

12V->45W/×2/24V ->90W

Solar input voltage

< 55V

Short circuit protection


Equalizing charge voltage

14.7V; *2/24V(25℃), hold time1 hour

Float charge voltage

Through remote control set,defaults to:12V->13.8V/×2/24V ->27.6V

Improve charging pressure

Through remote control set,defaults to:12V->14.4V/×2/24V ->28.8V

Over discharge voltage

Through remote control set,defaults to:12V->12.5V/×2/24V ->25.0V

Charge return voltage

Through remote control set,defaults to:12V->10.8V/×2/24V ->21.6V

Light control OPEN voltage

Through remote control set,defaults to:12V->4.0V/×2/24V ->8.0V

Light control CLOSE voltage

Through remote control set,defaults to:12V->8.0V/×2/24V ->16.0V

Temperature compensation


Current Accuracy


No-load consumption

< 25mA

lamp bead in series amount

12V->13PCS//24V ->46PCS

Working temperature


Protection level


Net weight




IV. Status indicator


indicates content



radiator of battery charge controller

charging instruction


Fill charge


Float charge

put out

Solar panel no voltage

battery instruction



put out

not normal


Battery under-voltage






put out

Load off

Fast flashing

load open

Slow put out

Light control turn off the lights

V.Load requirements

Voltage grade

lamp bead in series amount

Lamp bead in parallel amount

Rated power









Note: if you need more powerful, need to customize, please state it clearly before placing orders, and delay the delivery date 2 days.

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