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The Type of Solar Controller 2017-11-16 15:26:47

A wide range of solar controllers, different applications on the controller requirements are not the same. Common types of solar controllers are divided into the following categories

1.Solar system controller.

Mainly for solar off-grid power generation system. Generally installed indoors. The main functions: solar charging, DC load output, LCD display, manual switch. Mainly used for home power generation, border, post, base stations and other power supply system.

2.Solar street light controller.

Mainly used for solar lights, installed in the light pole or lamp inside. Full enclosure metal case. You can press the street lighting needs, intelligent control of street lights and lighting time.

According to the output voltage points: the general output (battery voltage), boost type, and step-down type.

According to the working hours of points: single time, double time, multi-period

Power settings: not adjustable, can be set manually, intelligent power down three

Parameter setting mode: push button type, infrared remote control type

3.Dual battery charging controller (RV controller).

You can also charge the two batteries, generally used in the car solar power system, to the car engine to start the battery charging and car owners to charge the battery. Does not have load output function (optional).

4.Hybrid solar controller: a system controller and street lamp dual function.

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