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Solar Power Future 2017-09-19 17:45:24

Whether wind power and photovoltaic can eventually replace coal or natural gas will depend on two key nodes, or critical points:

The first critical point is that in the absence of subsidies, the new wind power and photovoltaic power generation costs can compete with the new coal power and natural gas power stations. In the current market conditions, in many countries have been approaching this critical point. In Germany, the new generation cost of onshore wind power has been lower than coal, natural gas power generation; in Chinese, at present all kinds of power supply in coal costs is still the lowest, but the expected 2019 onshore wind power cost will be lower than coal, in 2021 the cost of PV will also be lower than coal; in the United States, natural gas power generation is the lowest cost of various types of power supply but in the 2022-2023 years is expected to wind power, photovoltaic costs will be lower than that of natural gas second critical point is: the operation cost of wind power, photovoltaic power generation cost of the new lower than the existing coal and natural gas power plant. This critical point will come sooner than people think. In Chinese, is expected in 2030 will be lower than the cost of PV operation cost of existing coal; in the United States, the cost of PV will be lower than the operating costs for natural gas power plant since 2027; in Germany, onshore wind power, photovoltaic costs will be lower than the cost of coal, natural gas power plant in 2027-2030 years. Power generation; in India, new PV is expected to be lower than coal power nationwide in 2020

According to BNEF forecasts, in 2040, solar photovoltaic will become one of the leading energy sources, accounting for 32% of the total installed capacity of the global power generation; 14% of wind power, 12% of hydropower, 14% of coal and electricity, 13% of natural gas, and 3% of nuclear power.

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