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Solar Market
Solar Market 2017-04-13 09:25:14

This week, the price of polysilicon continued last week, there is no market price.

Mini Mobile Solar Power System

Polysilicon prices this week to maintain the situation last week, there is no market price. Most of the silicon material companies do not want to take the initiative to offer, due to the price adjustment is too fast, the early high order basically difficult to implement. Current downstream inquiry less, just need to order is not large, basically wait and see. But the silicon market overall operating rate is good, except for some enterprises to execute orders and full production, the other part of the enterprise to reduce production costs while maintaining the normal start, although the market has small quantities of inventory, but it is still not enough to guide the safety period, prices continued to decline, prices trend in April and downstream demand set polysilicon prices continued to fall, monosilicon stability This week, polycrystalline silicon chip continued to fall, monosilicon prices are relatively stable. Polycrystalline silicon mainstream quotation at 4.55 yuan / piece, monocrystalline silicon mainstream quote at $6.3 / piece. Market: with the continued accumulation of polysilicon stocks on the market, the downstream demand is still relatively weak, so it is difficult to maintain the stability of polysilicon prices, some companies have implemented plans to reduce production. Another part of the enterprise in the continuous increase in inventory at the same time, the cash flow of funds, have to cut prices to stimulate demand. The stability of monocrystalline silicon prices, mainly due to the limited supply of sustainable and stable demand.

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