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Replace Solar Street Light Controller Need to Pay Attention Some Points 2017-11-01 15:00:05

Solar street lamp project includes solar street light controller, battery, solar panels, light pole, light source, which solar panels generally life is 15 to 20 years, light pole is almost bad, light source life can be up to 8 years, solar street light Controller and battery warranty period General manufacturers commitment is 2 to 3 years, that is, in the entire solar street light system, the solar street light controller and battery are vulnerable products.

If the solar street lamp controller failure, we have to replace a new controller, it should be aware of which several projects or technical parameters:

1. whether the built-in light source drive (also add constant current source), if the light source itself is driven, then the controller with a common solar street light controller. If there is no drive power inside the light source, it would have to purchase constant current control one machine.

2. light source lamp beads arrangement. If it is more than 3 strings, with the buck-type street lamp controller, more than 4 strings, with a step-up solar street light controller, up to 14 strings.

3. the power of the light source, if it is 30W or less, with 10A current controller, if it is 30W ~ 60W with 20A controller, here refers to the 12V system voltage, 24V voltage when the power multiplied by 2.

4. the power of solar energy, if less than 150W, with 10A controller, 150W ~ 250W between the 20A controller.

5. the type of battery, to know that lead acid or colloidal batteries, or lithium batteries. Different types of batteries, the controller selection is also different, because the battery charging parameters can not be different.

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