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Photovoltaic power plants have a shortcut to self troubleshooting 2017-02-28 09:24:18

The photovoltaic system is built, but not perfect in every respect in the real PV system in the process to design and construction of a 100% fault free photovoltaic system is not easy. For the user PV system failure does not matter, as long as the master of the fault diagnosis method, failure is not a problem

Photovoltaic system in theory can run 20-25 years, from the grid to run for 20 years, even if the design and installation are very good, very professional, but such a long time there will be problems. It is quite necessary to have some trouble shooting.

If there is no work of the phenomenon of PV system to you, then don't worry, remember the PV system does not work there are two main reasons: one is the part of the equipment failure; one is likely to cut the power grid problems, and today we will talk about how to master the photovoltaic system fault. Here are a few steps.

First, learn to identify problems. Through the daily power generation and monitoring software to check the system, the user can clearly see the system does not work or performance is too low. Of course, this process should be carried out in the sun during the day, so as to be able to test the output of PV modules, and in full sunshine hours conditions for a complete investigation. The first thing to be checked is the DC main circuit breaker, the isolation device and the AC main circuit breaker.

If all the circuit breaker, isolating device is in the closed state, so it should be a visual inspection of the inverter. The inverter fault is very common in the system, it is composed of many components, the inverter fault information always appear error information, now the mainstream inverter market above all the fault feedback function, when the alarm signal when the faulty inverter will be lit. Of course, a lot of time when the alarm does not appear to be its own problems, it may be the power grid problem, there may be components of the problem.

If the inverter itself is faulty, you need to contact the manufacturers to solve. If the inverter is not a problem. The problem may appear on the photovoltaic array.

Second, the component troubleshooting. The reasons for the failure of the components are mainly reflected in the following aspects: the disconnection of the cable or the failure of the plug; the connection of the inner part of the solar energy convergence box is loose; the breakdown of the photovoltaic module. Actual faults may be detected by physical examination of cables, assemblies and current and voltage measurements.

Photovoltaic array troubleshooting need to have such a few basic understanding:

First, the open circuit voltage and short circuit current can be measured only when the PV module is not loaded.

Second, even in the solar irradiance is low PV component output voltage is close to the open circuit voltage, short circuit current is proportional to the effective solar irradiance.

The third point, the photovoltaic component will be blocked according to the situation does not output current or reduce the current.

Here we come to the following two points:

If the DC side of the inverter is faulty, the primary task is to measure the open circuit voltage of the PV array at the input of the inverter, and to confirm whether the DC power is large. If there is no DC power at the inverter, the technician should systematically inspect the equipment and its connections, and measure them from the inverter to the PV array.

If you do not have a DC voltage at the inverter, it is common practice to check whether the DC main circuit breaker, the isolation device is working, the circuit breaker or fuse is closed and can be operated. If there is no DC voltage at the PV junction box, the fault is within the array. This generally indicates that a (all) PV component fails.

Of course, for the fault of photovoltaic system self investigation, learned a lot, far more than these, for users of photovoltaic system built after the operation to develop good habits, regular inspection system, failures don't worry if they can not solve the system, in case you can contact the manufacturer, please professional service personnel to guide the answer. Some simple fault handling methods can learn to accumulate more, when faced with the relevant problems can be resolved.

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