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Photovoltaic Power Generation Prospects 2017-09-11 10:53:52

In view of the third quarter of the market continued to hot, the three quarterly PV companies are expected to be beautiful. Therefore, China's photovoltaic industry in the third quarter of this year still maintained a strong development, but the upcoming fourth quarter, overseas market demand weakened Although the price of electricity down "630" after the photovoltaic enterprises to focus on the development of centralized photovoltaic power plant will cut the domestic market will be to some extent, the cold, but with the last year, the market will be down to the market, The difference is that the second half of this year's PV market is still looking forward to.

First of all, as the development of distributed photovoltaic the first year, the first half of this year, China's distributed photovoltaic ushered in a big outbreak. The distributed PV is not affected by the policy of price reduction, distributed photovoltaic in the second half of this year there is still a lot of room for development. And according to the recent water conservancy and water conservancy planning and Design Institute of the relevant sources, distributed PV subsidies this year, the greater possible reduction. Faced with subsidies down, industry experts said that in the large-scale ground power plant subsidies have been reduced for two years on the basis of distributed PV subsidies down is already on the arrow. There is no doubt that, with the "630" rush similar to the tide is that subsidies will be likely to cut in the fourth quarter of a distributed PV boom. In this way, the fourth quarter of this year, China's PV market is still the opportunity to maintain rapid growth.

Second, the second half of the pilot project needs to be in the "930" before the grid, is expected in September will cause another wave of demand peak, so the PV market demand will be supported.

Finally, China's PV poverty alleviation plan during the year 4GW grid index will also play a positive role in the second half of the PV market.

Therefore, in the second half of this year, China's PV market is still expected to be a good development. According to the CLP announced the operation of the power industry from January to July, the data show that from January to July 2010, PV added to reach 34.92GW, an increase of 13.66GW last year. Among them, "630" after the month in July new PV installed capacity of 10.5GW, large industry expectations. Analysis, because some of the PV project failed to catch up with the "630" and the last train, in July by the "630" rush to wear tide afterglow, installed data is still dazzling.

As a key year for the development of the photovoltaic industry, under the burst of distributed PV, and under the combined action of various policies and markets, the market has been sustained and developed in 2017. As the second half of the PV market prospects are still good, most industry experts estimate that the annual domestic PV installed capacity will be more than 38GW, far exceeding market expectations. In summary, in 2017 will have the opportunity to maintain strong growth throughout the year, for the Chinese PV industry as soon as possible to achieve a solid foundation for cheap Internet, and create a new era of photovoltaic industry.

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