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Photovoltaic Agricultural
Photovoltaic Agricultural Development Trend in the Future 2017-07-21 11:01:48
PV agriculture integrated grid-connected power generation projects, the combination of solar power generation, modern agricultural cultivation and breeding, and efficient facilities agriculture, on the one hand, solar photovoltaic systems can be used directly to low-cost agricultural power generation.

According to incomplete statistics, China's existing agricultural greenhouses more than 3.33 million hm2, mainly concentrated in Shandong, Jiangsu, Jiangxi and other agricultural provinces, these provinces are more abundant sunshine, while at the same time for plants and photovoltaic facilities to provide light energy. Over the past two years, some well-known photovoltaic enterprises began to invest in photovoltaic agricultural projects, making the development of photovoltaic agriculture industry more rapid.

1. High technology

Through the computer terminal control, to establish high-precision intelligent greenhouses, photovoltaic power generation stability, agricultural efficient and green. At present, China's agricultural greenhouses, fishery farming technology content has been greatly improved in the PV aa intervention in agriculture, brought enough capital flow and energy flow, agricultural science and technology content will be even more powerful.


2.Intelligent microgriding

PV areas are more located in the absence of electricity, less electricity areas,.After construction of intelligent micro-network,it can improve the power-free, less electricity areas of electricity difficulties. And formation of energy-efficient agricultural high-end system environment.


3. Maximize social benefits

Agricultural photovoltaic should not be divorced from the agricultural base, its ultimate goal still need to focus on agriculture, farmers, rural areas, which can fundamentally achieve social benefits to maximize. Agricultural photovoltaic can be combined with agricultural tourism, eco-tourism projects, planning scientific crop cultivation and fish farming, and ultimately promote agricultural development, increase farmers' income, improve the rural landscape.


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