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Photometric little knowledge 2017-08-01 08:58:36

Solar power generation is divided into thermal power generation and photovoltaic power generation. Usually said solar power refers to the solar photovoltaic power generation, referred to as "photoelectric". Photovoltaic power generation is a technique that utilizes the photo voltage effect of the semiconductor interface to convert light energy directly into electrical energy. The key component of this technology is solar cells. Solar cells through the series after the package protection can form a large area of the solar cell components, and then with the power controller and other components to form a photovoltaic power generation device.

In theory, photovoltaic power generation technology can be used in any need to power the occasion, up to the spacecraft, down to home power, large to megawatt-class photovoltaic power generation system example Station, small to toys, photovoltaic power everywhere. Solar photovoltaic power generation is the most basic components of solar cells (chip), monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon, amorphous silicon and thin film batteries. Among them, the largest single crystal and polycrystalline battery, amorphous batteries for some small systems and computer auxiliary power and so on. China-made crystalline silicon cell efficiency of 10 to 13%, the international similar products efficiency of about 12 to 14%. A solar cell composed of one or more solar cells is referred to as a photovoltaic module. Photovoltaic power generation products are mainly used for three major aspects: First, to provide power for non-electric occasions; Second, solar energy products, such as various types of solar charger, solar street lights and solar lawns, etc.; Third, Which in the developed countries have a large area to promote the implementation. By 2009, China's grid-connected power generation has not yet begun to promote, but the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games part of the electricity is provided by solar power and wind power.

It is predicted that solar photovoltaic power generation in the 21st century will occupy an important seat in the world's energy consumption, not only to replace part of the conventional energy, and will become the world's energy supply. It is estimated that by 2030, renewable energy will account for more than 30% of the total energy structure, while solar photovoltaic power generation in the world's total electricity supply will also account for more than 10%; by 2040, renewable energy will total Solar energy will account for more than 50% of the total electricity; These figures are sufficient to show the development prospects of solar photovoltaic industry and its important strategic position in the field of energy.

Photovoltaic power generation system is divided into independent photovoltaic system and grid-connected photovoltaic system. Independent photovoltaic power plants include remote power supply systems, solar household power systems, communication signal power supplies, catholic protection, solar street lights and other photovoltaic power generation systems with batteries that can operate independently. Examples of photovoltaic power generation. The grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system is a photovoltaic power generation system that is connected to the grid and delivers electricity to the grid. Can be divided into a battery and without a battery and power generation system. The grid-connected power generation system with battery is dispatch able and can be incorporated or withdrawn from the grid as needed. It also has the function of standby power supply, which can be powered urgently when the grid is powered down. Photovoltaic grid-connected systems with batteries are often installed in residential buildings; grid-connected power systems without batteries are not available Scheduling and standby power functions are typically installed on larger systems.

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