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Performance Evaluation
Performance Evaluation 2017-05-11 11:54:06

According to the operating characteristics of the independent inverter in PVS, the following performance evaluation can be performed on the inverter for independent PVS.

(1) The reliability: From the previous PVS, the inverter is one of the main factors affecting the reliability of the system. Due to the independent model inverter general work in remote areas, once appear, problem maintenance is not very convenient, so the primary request of independent model inverter is a reliable safety must be run.

(2) The rated output capacity: The rated output capacity is also an important reference factor in the independent inverter, which indicates the ability of the inverter to supply power to the load. Inverters with high output capacity can carry more power load. It is important to note that when the inverter is not a pure impedance load, the inverter will have less load capacity than the rated output value given.

(3) Inverter efficiency: The efficiency of inverters has an important effect on improving the efficiency of the system and reducing the cost of generating electricity. Due to the cost of solar cells are still relatively high, and in recent years, there will be no big reduction, so for the independent model inverter, requires a high efficiency, especially when the power is low load, there is still a high efficiency, low no-load load is independent special inverter is relatively common in PVS inverters higher requirements.

(4) Starting performance: General inductive loads, such as motor, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, high-power pump, etc., at the start, power could be 5 ~ 6 times the rated power. As a result, the inverter will be able to withstand large transient surge power when the inductive load is started. The inverter shall ensure reliable starting under the rated load, and the high performance inverter will be able to run continuously for multiple loads without damaging the power device. Small inverters for their own safety, sometimes require a soft start or limited flow starting.

(5) Harmonic distortion: When independent model inverter output waveform is a square wave and fixed wave, the output current of inverter in addition to the fundamental wave and higher harmonic, high order harmonic current will produce the additional loss such as eddy current on the inductive load, lead to serious fever parts, detrimental to the safety of the electrical equipment. The harmonic distortion of the square wave inverter is about 40 percent, generally applied only to the resistance load. Modified wave inverter's harmonic distortion is less than 20%, suitable for most load. The harmonic distortion of the sine wave inverter is less than 3%, and its waveform quality is better than the quality of the municipal electric grid, which can be applied to all ac power load.

(6) Output voltage stability capability: It refers to the voltage stabilizing capability of the inverter. Independent solar PVS of battery terminal voltage fluctuation is very big, in the process of charging and discharging is usually standard lead-acid battery terminal voltage fluctuations can be said about 30% of the voltage, which requires the inverter has good regulation performance, can in a large dc input range to ensure the normal work. High frequency inverters have the ability to stabilize output voltage by using a secondary and secondary stabilizer technology.

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