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Inverter Usage 2017-07-27 09:14:13

1) power selection

Must be made by the battery or car cigarette lighter power supply. According to the different products can choose 12V, 24V, 48V.

UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply power supply uninterruptible power supply) is to provide the power equipment from the power supply grid disturbance, steady voltage and frequency of the important load in electric power down, UPS can load to continue to provide a period of time to ensure the normal operation of power supply, load, the UPS series with high frequency isolation transformer with output the double conversion structure and advanced digital control technology, stable output, clean and uninterrupted has the perfect network management functions, UPS power 500w-20000w specifications.

DC to AC high frequency off grid pure sine wave inverter

2) connect the inverter to the power supply

Turn off the inverter and all devices on the "OFF" state

A: battery power supply: connect the negative electrode of the battery to the black terminal of the inverter (-), the positive electrode of the battery is connected to the red terminal (+) of the inverter.

B: the car cigarette lighter power supply: the special line of cigarette lighter according to the red of red black line on the inverter inverter terminal, terminal black connected, the cigarette lighter plug inserted into the car cigarette lighter.

3) connect the inverter to the appliance

Ensure that the load supply is the nominal power of the inverter, and the starting current should not exceed the peak capacity of the inverter. After the inverter and the electric appliance are connected, the inverter and the electric appliance are turned on.

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