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How to choose inverter for farmers installed roof photovoltaic ? 2017-05-03 11:25:43

For the choice of inverter in the PV system is still a trick to find. Can be considered from these aspects: cost, efficiency and operational characteristics.

Firstly, the cost is often about people's choice of space

For rural users, the construction of photovoltaic systems is not fashionable, fresh map, mostly from the perspective of financial investment to consider, the system cost is often about people's choice of space. Which also provides opportunities for individual businesses, in order to occupy the market to push cheap inverter into the market. In fact, cheap down anyway, as long as cheap is not built on the low quality just fine But the reality is that cheap prices are often numbered with low quality.

For the household system of photovoltaic inverter, are group string inverter, its small size, light weight, in handling and installation are very convenient, do not need professional equipment and tools, no need to power distribution room, the general Are installed in the PV module next to the cable, not a wide range of laying, supporting the installation cost is relatively low.

Its cost is not outside, then where is it? In the interior of it, the inverter consists of a number of components, such as IGBTs, fuses, capacitors, sensors, relays, diodes, microprocessors, sections, resistors, etc. Do not underestimate the difference between these components different brands of components Still very big. Another inverter panel processing, the size of the display there is a big gap.

Second, the efficiency of the era of photovoltaic power generation, inverter efficiency to see!

Now, most inverter manufacturers, on the brochure above the publicity point of view, the maximum efficiency of almost all can reach 98%, or even higher. Inverter efficiency is the basic guarantee of photovoltaic power generation and user benefits, the difference between the efficiency of different brands of inverter efficiency is mainly system optimization and line loss and so on. User series commonly used string inverter, each group of battery string input to an inverter, and the inverter on the input of the battery string alone MPPT to ensure that each group of strings have the greatest power, Even if a group of strings due to lack of solar radiation or broken due to failure, the other string is not affected continue to normal power generation.

In practice, the only measure to consider the efficiency of the inverter is the amount of power generation, there are two different brands of inverter, often with the same board with a power inverter, but this comparison Is a method, but not absolutely accurate, where we only say that the inverter screen shows the power generation can also be man-made operation, the efficiency is also software control, the most accurate or the meter shall prevail. This is also a user who doubts why the inverter screen above the figures, and the meter above the figures show differences. Of course, this is not very common, but when you encounter do not make a fuss. So in the choice of contrast time to find the appropriate efficiency comparison method.

Third, master the operating characteristics of the inverter, the life of its power generation is also an upgrade.

Above we mentioned that the inverter consists of so many components, the performance of these components determine the performance of the inverter. Household systems in the work of the inverter generally have IP65 protection level, but it is not surprising that it "invulnerable", "non-toxic non-invasion."

The process of the inverter operation is an exothermic process, in a steady stream of electricity at the same time, there are a lot of heat generated, which will have enough around the inverter convection space, used to disperse the surrounding of the heat, household systems are usually based on natural heat, not with fans, large inverters are often accompanied by cooling fans.

Although the inverter has IP65 protection class, but when you put it for a long time exposed in harsh environments, but also affect its life, affecting its power generation capacity. Want to run the inverter for 10 years, 20 years, for its "love" is essential in the household system, although not configured inverter room, but try not to be exposed and natural , Usually with a top awning on top of it.

Fourth, the certification can be used as a standard of choice.

When you choose inverter, you can see these inverters whether have any certification or not.

In general, photovoltaic inverter according to the actual installation of the user to select the inverter, not only can save engineering costs, simplify installation conditions, shorten the installation cycle, and can effectively improve the system power generation efficiency, summarized as efficient, reliable, low-cost principle, the three are closely together.

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