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Group String Inverter
Group String Inverter 2017-06-22 11:20:42

In the operation of the PV system, due to the quality of the components, the external environment or improper installation and operation will cause damage to components, circuit failure and other issues. PV power station is generally installed in the wilderness, or the roof, the natural environment is bad, inevitably encounter natural disasters, such as typhoons, snowstorms, dust and other natural disasters; or encounter people cut the cable and other damage. Therefore, the safety of the power station is very important.

Group string monitoring: monitoring the voltage and current of each component input in the PV system. During the operation of the PV system, due to the quality of the components, the influence of the external environment or improper installation and operation, it will cause the damage of components and the circuit failure.

If there is no string monitoring function, some small problems can not be detected early, and finally will cause a big problem. Some problems require special staff to the scene investigation. It takes a long time and can cause power loss.

PID is the short for Potential Induced Degradation. The potential damage is a large amount of charge that accumulates on the surface of the cell, resulting in the passivation of the cell surface, which reduces the power of the module and reduces the power generation, and reduces the power consumption of the solar power station.

By integrating the PID protection module in the inverter, it is possible to effectively avoid the occurrence of PID in the component and reduce the loss of power generation. At the same time, the PID module has a repair function, you can have the problem of PID components to repair, so that the parameters of the components to return to normal.

DC Arc Detection: Fire is the biggest loss of economic benefits of photovoltaic power station accident. If it is installed in the plant or residential roof, it is also easy to endanger personal safety. Photovoltaic power station in the event of fire, can not directly use water to fire, to cut off the fastest speed of power, photovoltaic power plant in a lot of fire accidents, DC pull the arc is the main reason.

DC fuse is indispensable: due to improper selection of the device, the installation is wrong, or fuse quality problems, in a period of time, photovoltaic power plant DC side fuse accident frequency, to the customer caused some loss, in fact, these problems Not the fuse itself has a problem, and now there is a solution. And some inverter manufacturers have thus canceled the DC-side fuse protection, instead to take each MPPT only two sets of string parallel connection, and the use of anti-diodes as over-current protection. This practice itself is a greater harm.

Fuse as an overcurrent protection device, in the system when the short circuit fault, the fastest speed cut off the fault circuit, to avoid greater losses. Photovoltaic power plants are generally installed in the wilderness, or roof. These places the natural environment is bad, the power station will inevitably be damaged. So the protection of DC fuses in the photovoltaic system is indispensable, completely cancel the DC fuse protection, is an irresponsible practice.

The inverter system consists of multiple MPPT input circuits. Each MPPT is connected to each other. Each series of PV strings is connected in parallel with the Boost boost circuit. The pre-Boost boost circuit is generally connected in parallel. The purpose is When the voltage rises to a certain value after the Boost boost circuit bypass, improve the efficiency of the system, this time is equivalent to only one way MPPT, all the circuits are connected together, so when a road short circuit, the voltage will drop , The other string of current will flow to this road, resulting in short circuit loop current several times, if there is no fuse protection, it will cause a fire.

Inverter fuse design selection and installation should pay attention to the following points, can effectively reduce the fuse caused by the impact of failure.

(1)Fuse to select the formal manufacturer of qualified products, the appropriate rated current, the current is too small easy to misjudge, the current is too large from the protective effect.

(2) Fuse installation site selection of air inlet, low temperature,

(3) The fuse is not exposed, the external anti-arc cover to prevent the fuse generated arc fire

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