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wind solar hybrid controller
Germany photovoltaic industry 2017-03-10 16:03:57

Germany is the world's largest photovoltaic installation of the country, in promoting the development of photovoltaic policy, management, technology and other experience for many countries in the world to follow suit. The development of photovoltaic power generation has never been smooth. In the process of development of photovoltaic industry, there have been some problems, such as the continuous increase in the operating pressure of the power grid, the high price of new energy subsidies and so on. This paper analyzes the problems and solutions in the development of large scale PV in Germany, and summarizes the relevant enlightenment, which will provide a useful reference for China's photovoltaic grid connection.

First, the expansion of the power grid. According to the German Energy Agency to carry out the expansion of the demand for the distribution network research, in 2030, Germany needs to be extended to 161 thousand km line, add the installed capacity of 6900 KVA transformer. From the demand of grid expansion of each voltage grade, medium voltage and low voltage need extension line absolute length, but the extension of the line pressure to the highest proportion, and the expansion of the highest cost of high voltage transmission line. According to the results of the German Energy Agency, Germany needs 32% of the expansion of the high-voltage power grid, the expansion of the medium voltage power grid of 15%, while the low-voltage power grid is only the expansion of the expansion of only 5%.

Two is to improve system flexibility. On the one hand, improve the operating flexibility of conventional power plants. Taking the control area of TenneT company in Germany as an example, the wind power and photovoltaic power generation in the control area in July 2013 are more than the load in this region. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the operating flexibility of conventional power plants, and to start and stop the unit very quickly. On the other hand, to strengthen the interconnection of the grid, give full play to the role of large-scale power grid resource allocation, mobilize all resources to improve the flexibility of the grid operation.

In Germany, the proportion of flexible power supply is low. At present, in order to improve the system flexibility, Germany intends to strengthen the interconnection with the Nordic power system, make full use of hydropower in countries such as Norway, Germany to promote renewable energy consumption. At the EU level, it is an important direction for the construction of the European grid to strengthen the interconnection of power grids, to build a unified European power market, and to promote the integration of regional power grids.

According to the European transmission network operators alliance in 2012 ten years of power grid planning, within the EU needs to change the length of the extension line of 52300 km, of which about 90% of the expansion of demand from the need to promote renewable energy consumption.

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