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Four things that you have to know about the benefits of generating electricity 2017-04-20 08:46:18

In recent years, under the support of national policies and the promotion of the market, more and more families have installed photovoltaic power stations. A share of their own experience, in his view, the use of idle funds to invest in the construction of power plants than in the bank more cost-effective.

The owner of the cottage on the roof of the home to install a 20kW system, a total of 80 pieces of 255w crystal silicon components, a 20kW photovoltaic grid connected inverter. After the completion, he calculated an economic accounts: 20kW power plant, 20 hours of power generation, power generation can be 160 degrees in eight hours. But in the actual operation found that the power generation capacity of the plant is not installed as much. So often and often find installers, countless phone calls, trying to figure out what is going on, or even suspected of false propaganda installers. But after several rounds of negotiations and online search of the relevant knowledge, the owners found that the original understanding of the concept of error, in order to ensure the power generation, daily maintenance is essential. According to a month of repeated research, summed up the following four point:

AC Mains DC Hybrid Pure Sine Wave Inverter

First of all, on behalf of the components in the standard power plant capacity is only under the condition of the size of the standard condition is "1000W/m - light irradiance, ambient temperature of 25 DEG C, it is difficult to achieve in daily life. And early in the middle and late periods of time, the amount of electricity is not the same, the owner of the observation statistics, the most time of the day is the time of the morning from 10 to 3 p.m.;

Second, the conversion efficiency of the component determines how much power generation. Great effect of dust on the surface of components for power generation, the owners of the original average power generating capacity of more than and 70 degrees, to the inverter manufacturer's recommendations, dust, every two days with microfiber mop dry wipe assembly above insist for a long time, now the average power can reach more than and 80 degrees, the day the highest power can reach more than and 130 degrees;

The third point is very important, from the above picture can be seen, the owners of the eaves of a row of fence, installation feel little effect, but the actual power generation is much less than the other owners. After consulting the inverter manufacturers, the owners understand that although this small shadow is just a part of the block, but according to the principle of the barrel affects the entire component of the power generation efficiency;

Fourth, for the installation of photovoltaic power plant monitoring system. Through the monitoring system can be viewed at any time and anywhere the operation of the inverter, when the system problems, to avoid loss due to lack of awareness

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