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Photovoltaic Controllers
Classification of Photovoltaic Controllers 2017-06-05 10:14:18

PV controllers can be divided into five types: parallel, tandem, pulse width modulation, intelligent and maximum power tracking.

Parallel controller: When the battery is full, the use of electronic components to the output of the PV array shunt to the internal parallel resistor or power module up, and then consumed in the form of heat. Because this way consumes heat, it is generally used for small, low power systems, such as systems with voltages up to 12V  and 20A. This type of controller is very reliable, there is no mechanical parts such as relays.

Tandem-type controller: the use of mechanical relays to control the charging process, and cut off the PV array at night. It is generally used for higher power systems, and the capacity of the relay determines the power level of the charge controller. It is easier to manufacture a series controller with a continuous energizing current of 45A or more.

Pulse Width Modulation Controller: It switches the input of the PV array in PWM pulse mode. When the battery tends to fill, the frequency and time of the pulse are shortened. According to the United States Sandia National Laboratory research, this charging process to form a more complete state of charge, it can increase the PV system in the battery's total cycle life.

Intelligent controller: the use of CPU with a single-chip (such as Intel's MCS51 series or Microchip PIC series) on the operating parameters of the photovoltaic power system for high-speed real-time acquisition, and in accordance with a certain control by the software program on the single or multiple The PV array is cut off / switched on. Medium, large-scale photovoltaic power supply system, but also through the microcontroller RS232 interface with MODEM modem for remote control.

The maximum power tracking controller: the solar battery voltage U and current I after detection multiplied by the power P, and then determine whether the sun battery output power at this time is the largest, if not at the maximum power point to run, adjust the pulse width, modulation Output duty cycle D, change the charging current, re-real-time sampling, and make changes to determine whether to change the duty cycle, through this optimization process to ensure that the solar cell is always running at the maximum power point to take full advantage of the output of solar cells energy. While the use of PWM modulation, so that the charge current into a pulse current to reduce the battery polarization, improve the charging efficiency.

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