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Brazil photovoltaic situation 2017-07-28 09:01:06

In order to encourage more enterprises to participate in this emerging industry, from 2014, the Brazil government began to adopt a special solar power auction system to attract enterprises to participate. The auction system will enable enterprises to effectively evaluate solar energy projects, and make reasonable quotations, to a certain extent to ensure business income, stimulate investment enthusiasm.

In encouraging enterprises to participate in the construction of large-scale photovoltaic power generation projects, the Brazil government also through the adjustment of electricity prices to explore the distribution of solar power generation market. In 2012, the Brazil electricity regulatory agency formulated a new tariff deduction system. As the rooftop solar power generation system offers less electricity than the grid, Brazil's domestic users are enthusiastic about installing rooftop solar power systems. At present, some parts of Brazil's rooftop solar power generation costs have even been comparable to the traditional power generation.

In addition, in January this year, Brazil house of mineral energy commission also approved a resolution on the exemption of PV modules, if a photovoltaic component can not be produced in the local Brazil, then to import the component is exempted from import duties. Tax exemption policy directly reduces the production cost of photovoltaic power generation system, stimulates the investment of solar energy projects, and helps to increase employment and promote national economic growth.

Under the guidance and encouragement of these measures, Brazil has gradually grown up as a "rising star" in the global solar energy market". In April 2015, Brazil announced the construction of a large water solar power station located in the Amazon River balbina reservoir. The project has a design capacity of 350 MW, far exceeding the world's largest solar water power station (14.5 MW) in japan. On the eve of the opening of the Olympic Games in Rio, the national power company Italy Brazil branch also announced the largest photovoltaic power plant project in northeastern Brazil state of Piaui construction in Latin america. The total investment of nearly $300 million, the installed capacity of 292 megawatts, generating 600 GWH annually, for 300 thousand of household electricity. The government of Brazil has also promoted the construction of small solar power plants with a capacity of less than 1 megawatts to meet the electricity demand for the 2014 World Cup and the Rio Olympics this year.

It can be said that in the domestic energy resources endowment, location advantage industry of full investigation, study and master, Brazil made its alternative energy development direction, through law enforcement, economic incentives and other means to promote the development of domestic new energy industry chain, to form the overall competitiveness of the industry, a solid foundation for energy the sustainable development of the future play. As for China, which is also committed to the development of new energy and low-carbon transition of economy and society, the experience of Brazil is worth learning.

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