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wind solar hybrid controller
  • UAE Solar Photography Situation
    • 2017-12-15 11:47:49

    Recently, Arabia UAE vice president and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohamed bin Rachid al Maktoum announced his highness, will create a single concentrated solar power project in the world's largest, the total cost of up to 14 billion 200 million dirhams. The project is considered an important part of the UAE's clean energy strategy, 2050. The fourth phase of the solar park could generate clean energy u...

  • Solar Cell 3D Printing
    • 2017-11-23 09:33:13

    Not long ago, an Australian research institute developed a thin, paper-thin solar cell using 3D printing. Oxalate, a Spanish company, has also developed a new photovoltaic cell, Solar Oxides, using the current global technology. The battery made from conductive oxide, no toxicity and very stable, because the required material in nature reserves, so the price is very cheap, if you can batch product...

  • Photovoltaic Power Generation Prospects
    • 2017-11-23 09:30:39

    In view of the third quarter of the market continued to hot, the three quarterly PV companies are expected to be beautiful. Therefore, China's photovoltaic industry in the third quarter of this year still maintained a strong development, but the upcoming fourth quarter, overseas market demand weakened Although the price of electricity down "630" after the photovoltaic enterprises to focus on the d...

  • What is MPPT
    • 2017-11-16 15:20:09

    MPPT-The maximum power point tracking (system is an electrical module by adjusting the working state of the photovoltaic panel can output more power to the electrical system of solar panels from DC effectively stored in the storage battery, can effectively solve the conventional power grid can not cover the remote area and tourism area life and industrial use of electricity that does not produce e...

  • Type and Advantage of Lead-acid Battery
    • 2017-11-09 10:42:43

    Lead-acid battery types are more used in photovoltaic energy storage system, there are more than three, rich liquid lead-acid batteries, VRLA batteries, lead carbon storage batteries. 1) rich liquid lead acid batteries Lead acid battery electrolyte in the sulfuric acid directly involved in the battery charge and discharge reaction process, the traditional lead-acid batteries, the battery compartme...

  • Difference Between Power Station And Substation
    • 2017-09-27 08:45:18

    A power station is a place where electricity is copied and substations change voltage. A place where substations change voltage. In order to make electricity power transmission to distant places, must take the voltage rise into high voltage, near to the users according to the need to reduce the voltage of this work on lifting voltage substation. The main equipment of substation is switch and trans...

  • Structure and Principle of Lead-acid Battery
    • 2017-09-11 10:56:25

    Lead-acid batteries are lead and lead dioxide as the battery anode and cathode active material, dilute sulfuric acid as the electrolyte of the chemical energy storage device, with high energy conversion efficiency, long cycle life, high voltage, high security, cost-effective, Installation and maintenance of simple features, is currently all kinds of energy storage, emergency power supply, start th...

  • The Micro-Crack of PV Modules
    • 2017-08-18 16:01:33

    1.What is the micro-crack ? Micro-Crack is a more common flaw in crystalline silicon PV modules. Crystal silicon components due to its own crystal structure characteristics, very prone to rupture. Crystalline silicon components in the production process, many links are likely to cause the battery chip crack. The root cause of the crack can be attributed to the mechanical stress or thermal stress o...

  • Solar Summit
    • 2017-08-09 16:13:40

    In June 7th, 2017, the distributed intelligent Photovoltaic Technology Innovation Summit was successfully held in Shanghai New International Expo center! The summit organized by the Chinese intelligent photovoltaic industry technology innovation strategic alliance, the photovoltaic industry network contractors, Shanghai Space Exhibition Company Limited, to seize the 12.5GW market, and promote the ...

  • Solar News
    • 2017-05-05 15:34:31

    Amtech Systems, Inc. today announced its solar subsidiary, Tempress Systems, received a follow-on order for the second phase of a multiphase 1GW project. This turnkey order for the second phase is similar in size and includes Tempress' high-throughput PECVD and diffusion platforms. The first and second phases of this China project are designed to manufacture n-type bi-facial solar cells and modul...


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