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wind solar hybrid controller
  • Difference Between Power Station And Substation
    • 2017-09-27 08:45:18

    A power station is a place where electricity is copied and substations change voltage. A place where substations change voltage. In order to make electricity power transmission to distant places, must take the voltage rise into high voltage, near to the users according to the need to reduce the voltage of this work on lifting voltage substation. The main equipment of substation is switch and trans...

  • Structure and Principle of Lead-acid Battery
    • 2017-09-11 10:56:25

    Lead-acid batteries are lead and lead dioxide as the battery anode and cathode active material, dilute sulfuric acid as the electrolyte of the chemical energy storage device, with high energy conversion efficiency, long cycle life, high voltage, high security, cost-effective, Installation and maintenance of simple features, is currently all kinds of energy storage, emergency power supply, start th...

  • The Micro-Crack of PV Modules
    • 2017-08-18 16:01:33

    1.What is the micro-crack ? Micro-Crack is a more common flaw in crystalline silicon PV modules. Crystal silicon components due to its own crystal structure characteristics, very prone to rupture. Crystalline silicon components in the production process, many links are likely to cause the battery chip crack. The root cause of the crack can be attributed to the mechanical stress or thermal stress o...

  • Solar Summit
    • 2017-08-09 16:13:40

    In June 7th, 2017, the distributed intelligent Photovoltaic Technology Innovation Summit was successfully held in Shanghai New International Expo center! The summit organized by the Chinese intelligent photovoltaic industry technology innovation strategic alliance, the photovoltaic industry network contractors, Shanghai Space Exhibition Company Limited, to seize the 12.5GW market, and promote the ...

  • Solar News
    • 2017-05-05 15:34:31

    Amtech Systems, Inc. today announced its solar subsidiary, Tempress Systems, received a follow-on order for the second phase of a multiphase 1GW project. This turnkey order for the second phase is similar in size and includes Tempress' high-throughput PECVD and diffusion platforms. The first and second phases of this China project are designed to manufacture n-type bi-facial solar cells and modul...

  • How to choose inverter for farmers installed roof photovoltaic ?
    • 2017-05-03 11:25:43

    For the choice of inverter in the PV system is still a trick to find. Can be considered from these aspects: cost, efficiency and operational characteristics. Firstly, the cost is often about people's choice of space For rural users, the construction of photovoltaic systems is not fashionable, fresh map, mostly from the perspective of financial investment to consider, the system cost is often about...

  • Germany photovoltaic industry
    • 2017-03-10 16:03:57

    Germany is the world's largest photovoltaic installation of the country, in promoting the development of photovoltaic policy, management, technology and other experience for many countries in the world to follow suit. The development of photovoltaic power generation has never been smooth. In the process of development of photovoltaic industry, there have been some problems, such as the continuous ...

  • The green electricity energy program and the advantages of efficient wind turbines
    • 2017-03-07 17:40:49

    As the fossil energy increasingly nervous, stimulate the development and utilization of renewable energy, the use of green energy, has become the strategy of economic development, national government in the new development plan has put the energy conservation and emissions reduction, development of new energy utilization, the promotion of green technology in the implementation of the important lin...

  • Energy storage has become a clean energy new force
    • 2017-03-06 10:18:11

    In recent years, the global energy storage market has been steadily advancing, and in 2016, the major energy storage markets in the world, such as North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, are booming. The UK, Australia and India are becoming increasingly active. Into 2017, energy storage industry is expected to usher in the outbreak. After 2016 years of deep brewing, into 2017, in the policy suppor...

  • It is predicted that Japan will install 13.2GW to 14.3GW PV this year
    • 2017-02-24 15:55:38

    This is almost two times the forecast given by Solar Frontier internal analysts, and is expected to be higher than several other Japanese institutions. However, RTS PV, an analyst at Hiroshi in Tokyo,, was also interviewed and said it could be difficult to make forecasts for the 2016 fiscal year ended March 2017. Although in the UK and other markets, tariff subsidies and other subsidies on the gri...


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