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Advantages of installing photovoltaic power stations in rural areas 2017-02-13 08:54:05

1. the characteristics of rural areas suitable for the photovoltaic power generation

Rural population density is low, the characteristics of small electricity consumption is suitable for the development of photovoltaic characteristics. Only 25 square meters of photovoltaic modules, you can meet the daily needs of rural users around 5 kwh of electricity demand.

2. photovoltaic greatly shorten the power supply time

In rural areas, it will take years, even decades, to reach the goal of electricity for every household on the basis of large-scale power grid construction. The PV for farmers in remote areas to provide a more independent choice, as long as the placement of photovoltaic, with enough power to generate the sunlight.

3. PV can save transmission line cost

Rural population accounts for 70% of the country's population, and with the increase in rural electricity consumption in recent years, the cost of upgrading the function of the huge network. In rural areas, the system can be used to save the cost of transmission lines and reduce transmission losses.

4.Photovoltaic power generation, so that farmers use electricity more autonomy

Through the use of large power grid transmission, often faced with power outages, power outages, a serious impact on production and life. The situation of photovoltaic power generation for their own use, you can avoid power outages, but also can make the courage to have the wisdom of young people in rural areas to carry out photovoltaic vegetable greenhouses and other entrepreneurial projects.

There are so many reasons, so many benefits, and also in the history of the best time, so let us go to install it at once!

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