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The rapid development of the global energy storage market, industry experts predict 2017 will usher in the explosive growth of Africa as one of the solar energy resources and the world's largest emerging market, or will become the photovoltaic and energy storage under a hot market growth.

Off grid power system is a small-scale solar energy projects in Africa, which also allows the field of solar energy experts have found a new direction of technology. Especially in the daily lighting, mobile phone charging this small-scale, off grid power network developers have brought unlimited potential. At present, there are a number of African power projects are aimed at this type of local development activities. At present, the company has benefited from the model, it is worth learning from investors.

African politics and economy continued stable (in most areas), the city and the rapid population growth, urgent need for various infrastructure projects, for the manufacturing industry, increase exports, power resources and the need for the development of natural resources such as the process of modernization, power supply and demand were caused by a large number of electric power market gradually standardized (although slow, but steady progress in), the traditional energy prices continued to rise, the government does not want to diesel, coal to make up the new requirements, and hydroelectric power is not strong African resources, continued to decline the cost of PV, promote the balance of grid parity.

Tanzania "Guardian" reported on February 28th, the global market on a recent research report that Africa off grid solar market size in 2015 more than one million units, is expected in 2017 to 2024 of off grid solar lighting market will reach $1 billion 400 million


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