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wind solar hybrid controller
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8kw to 20kw hybrid solar inverter with build in mppt controller all in one

Full power hybrid solar inverter with build in mppt controller used for off grid solar system high quality inverter with CE ROSH certification can used as UPS inverter for home power system.

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    off-grid Solar system
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    3 years
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    with over-temperature the fun will work
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Hybrid solar inverter with build in mppt controller solar hybrid inverter


1. 7-inch touch screen display, to bring users more intuitive and simple man-machine exchange platform;

2. Can modify the input voltage range online \ output voltage \ battery voltage, controller output voltage, output current parameters;

3. Power generation statistics, you can see daily, monthly, annual power generation;

4. Provide a variety of work patterns, suitable for different environmental conditions;

5. Integrated MPPT controller module, the same component power generation efficiency increased by 25%.

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