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800w inverter 12V 24V DC to 100/110/120/220/230/240V AC power inverter generator for house appliance and car

600w inverter 12 DC to 100/110/120/220/230/240V AC power inverter pure sine wave inverter for home appliance with high quality,best price

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  • Brand Name:

  • Model Number :

    JN-H 800W
  • Application:

    off grid inverter
  • Rated Voltage:

    12v 24v 48v
  • System voltage:

  • Certification:

  • Warranty:

    3 years
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Product Detail

800w inverter 12V 24V DC to 100/110/120/220/230/240V AC  inverter generator for house appliance car inverter

Main Technical Highlights

1. By using the advanced Double-CPU single chip intelligent control technology, with the features of high reliability and low failure;

2. Pure sine wave output, inverter with strong load capacity and wide applications;

3. Perfect protection functions (Overload protection, Internal over-temperature protection, Output short-circuit protection, Input under-voltage protection, Input over-voltage protection, etc) largely improve products’ reliability;

4. Internal CPU centralized control and SMD Technology allow small size and light weight;

5. By CPU controlling the working state of cooling fan, its intelligent control can largely prolong the fan’s service life, save energy, and improve the working efficiency;

6. Small working noise, and high efficiency.

Wide Application Range

1. Travel Carrier Equipment Series: military vehicles, police cars, ambulances, ships, traffic lights, etc;

2. Industrial Equipment Series: solar energy, wind power, gas discharge lamps, etc;

3. Office Series: computers, printers, copiers, scanners, digital cameras, etc;

4. Kitchen Appliance Series: microwave, oven battery, refrigerators, etc;

5. Household Electrical Equipment: electric fans, vacuum cleaners, air conditioning, lighting, etc;

6. Power Tools Series: Saws, drilling machines, punching machines, air compressors, et.

800w inverter datasheet:

OUTPUT OUTPUT VOLT 100/110/120/220/230/240VAC
   Non-load  Consumption <10W
Low battery alarm 10.5+0.3V
Low battery shut down 10+0.5V
Over voltage shut down 15.5+0.5V
Over load shut down 960W OVER 10 SECOND
Over heating shut down >75
Over Thermal  shut down the output
Working Temperature BETWEEN -10 and +50
soft start
OTHER DIMENSION(L*W*H)  305*146*66mm
INNER BOX DIMENSION  360*185*115mm
CARTON DIMENSION  495*195*380mm

600w inverter

inverter troubleshooting

1. The indicator light is off and not in working status after inverter started.

(1)     Check if the connection is tight, or reconnection it.

(2)     Check whether wire between battery and inverter is reverse or not, if yes, please reconnection and change a new and

same specification fuse for inverter.

2. Warning indicator light turns red and no output from inverter after it started.

(1)     Please check if voltage specification for battery is matched with inverter rated input voltage, if not, please kindly change it with a right one.

(2)     Check whether battery with enough power or not, otherwise, please change a new one.

(3)     Check if the temperature too high, ie, more than 70 Celsius degree, or, please cool down the inverter and then put it in a ventilate place. Restart it after inverter come to a normal temperature.

(4)     Check if the load power exceed inverter rated power, if yes, please decrease load power or change a higher power inverter and then restart it.

(5)     Check and make sure output and load terminal aren’t short circuit and then restart it.

(6)     Please restart it 10 seconds later after power on if starting inverter failed first time.

The installation inverter should be operated by a person with enough electrical theory knowledge or somebody who acquire practical experience.

(1)Check if all the components are all included. Such as, enclose bags and use manual. At the same time inspect whether battery voltage is accordance with the rated input voltage.

Enough current should be offered from the input battery voltage. Details calculate is that the output power /input voltage/0.85=output current

For example: load of 1000w, the output voltage is 12v, so the input current =1000/12/0.85=98 (Ampere).

Appropriate connection wires should be chosen according to the current rule that within 1 meter 8A/mm. 12mm connect wires should be regarded as the 1000w inverter with input voltage 12v. Others must also match with each other.

2) The GND wire of inverter should be connected to ground firstly before using. Do not regarded zero wire as the ground connect line.

3) Close the power of inverter, ie, press down the button “OFF”

4) Confirm the positive and negative polarity of battery, high voltage is the positive and low one is negative

5) Pull out the inverter input terminal, red means positive polarity (+) and black refers to negative polarity (-).

6) Choosing the suitable black area line according to the first step and then connect to black wire of inverter input terminal and pull tight at last.

7Choosing the suitable red area line according to the first step and then connect to red wire of inverter input terminal and pull tight at last.

8) Connect the black wire on the other side of the battery negative pole and ensure connection is firm.

9) Connect the red wire on the other side of the battery positive pole and make sure connection is firm.

10) Check and make sure all the connection are in right order and then the inverter power, just press the button “ON” is ok.

11) Inverter will get stable alternate current within 5 seconds after green led of inverter turn on.

12) The power of electronic equipment which connected to the AC socket of inverter shouldn’t be exceed rated power of inverter.

13) Press the button “ON” and then the power switch of load will be open


(1)     The inverter only can be connected the load with the power which less than rated power.

Notice: Two or three times power of inverter should be chosen for some electronic equipment with high start current. Refrigerators, freezers, color TV, water pump, motor, air conditioning, air compressor, computer and similar appliances are included.

(2) Battery voltage must match with the input voltage of inverter, otherwise, it will damage the inverter with high voltage.

(3) Please avoid too long input wire because of the high current from the input current of inverter.

(4) Power  inverter should be closed firstly and load power also need to be reduced, if inverter is opened and output too  large made inverter protection opened. Turn on inverter after 10 to 15 seconds. Inverter may be damaged permanently if    overload start it frequently.

(5) It is forbidden to connect inverter with electricity grid, otherwise, inverter may be damaged permanently.

(6)Do not using your wet hand touch the inverter and operate it in moist environment .It should be used in the cool and ventilated environment.

(7) Inverter should be closed if it’s not in working status. Disconnect the inverter and battery if long time using or go outside for long time.

(8) Output voltage and frequency of inverter should be match with the electric equipment .Or, it will damage the electric equipment.

(9) If used in the place where elevation above 1000 meters, increase 1000 meters above sea level per time, the output power should be decrease 5% ~ 10%.



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