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300w portable off-grid solar home lighting system - 20AH Battery,300W pure sine wave inverter and 12V/10A solar controller

Solar Home Power System 12V/20AH-300W  300w protable off-grid solar home lighting system - 20AH Battery,300W pure sine wave inverter and  12V/10A solar controller.

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Product Detail
Operation method for the 12V/20AH-300W Solar Home Power System

Before machine installation and use, please carefully read the following safety precautions and related content, please fully understand its content then can operate , thank you for your cooperation! Please click the following method:

1.Prepare related installation tools (e.g., wrench) and accessories (such as DC power cord), and check the machine's installation position is in line with the requirements of security considerations.

2.Check the battery or the batteries voltage is within the scope of the requirements or not(Refer to the technical parameters of this manual), confirm the battery or the batteries of the positive (red mark), negative (black mark) and all-in-one battery input positive connection cable (red)and negative connecting cable (black).

3.Disconnect circuit breaker on machine, shut off the inverter power switch.

4.All-in-one battery input positive red connection cable connected to the battery or the batteries positive (red),battery input negative black cable connection battery or the battery negative (black), to ensure the reliable and strong joint connection, banned the battery positive and positive reverse connection, banned the any conductor will short circuit battery positive and negative plate, please carefully check the robustness of each joint, such as the connection is not tight may cause local overheating and burning.

5.The circuit breaker closing machine, if the quantity is enough, the DC output port can normal power supply, LCD header can have normal instructions. Open the front panel of the inverter power switch, the INVERT indicator, AC output socket universal to use electrical power supply (please note that household appliances generally rated power, not more than inverter rated power).

6.Use solar panels mounted outdoors for the position of the sun, and solar panels output lead to machine the solar panels on the input side (distinguish the positive and negative, the solar panels cables through current should not be greater than 3A/mm2) if sunny right now, the LCD meter charging status indicator.

Solar Home lighting Power System

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