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300W mini mobile solar power system homeuse with solar panel 100w battery 55AH

JingNeng series of 300W 12V 55AH solar power generation system is set of solar panel, battery, charge controller, inverter.,and so on,as one of the complete set of solar power generation system, using solar panels to battery management and control, the automatic management of battery discharge and have all kinds of protection function of intelligent control devices and inverter devices

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The design features of 300W-12V/55AH solar power system

1.Battery charging function: The all-in-one machine during the day can constantly send the solar panels’s energy into the battery, can adjust the charging current according to battery voltage, in order to prolong the service life of storage battery, it also have floating function, keep the battery in a full status for a rainy day. In addition the all-in-one prevent reverse charging battery to solar panels at night.

2.Battery undervoltage protection function: Using inverter electric power supply for a long time will lead to a serious loss of battery voltage, greatly affect the service life of the battery. The machine can be shut in the storage battery voltage down to 11.0V dc output, 10.8V closed ac output. In order to prevent the over discharge of storage battery damage.

3.Battery over-voltage protection function: Normal inverter input voltage is 12.0v, if the input voltage more than 16.5v inverter input voltage will take protection measures to prevent too high damage to the machine itself.

4.Overload protection function: When you access the appliance is overmuch, total power over rating of the inverter, it will stop working for 10 seconds, lock the protection status, and report to the police, until you reduce the load, and the inverter power switch to "OFF" position more than 10 seconds, and then back to "ON" position, the inverter to restore work.

5.Short circuit protection function: When your household appliances internal short circuit occurs, the inverter will stop working in 1 seconds, and lock protection status, and report to the police, until you remove the short circuits home appliances,and the inverter power supply switch to "OFF" position more than 10 seconds, and then back to "ON" position, the inverter to restore work.

6.Temperature protection function: When you load more, poor ventilation or the climate is hot, the temperature inside the inverter will gradually rise, if the temperature continues to rise to 100 ℃ inverter will stop working, and lock to protect state, suggest that you reduce the load or to improve the ventilation environment, the inverter power supply switch to "OFF" position, when the internal temperature decrease, and then to the "ON" position, the inverter will come back to work.

7.Status indication function: It have fault indicator, inverter indicator, and multi-function LCD or pointer to the header show,let all status be clear at a glance.

8.DC12V and DC5V output: DC output port for your dc devices charging and power supply function.

solar power generation system

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