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  •  Is There A Radiation In The Solar Home System 2017-09-26
    Is There A Radiation In The Solar Home System

    With the popularity of photovoltaic, there are many people want to know: the roof installed so many PV modules, inverter output so much current, there is no electromagnetic radiation, the human body and home appliances have no effect? What is electromagnetic radiation What is radiation? It refers to the object in the form of waves or particles to the surrounding space to launch energy process. All the objects in nature as long as the temperature above absolute zero, will be in the form of electromagnetic waves or particles kept to the outside world to send energy, in other words, the world has radiation, including the body itself, all the time in the outward radiation , Such as the sun, in fact, is to accept the sun's radiation. However, not all of the radiation is harmful, and some even inseparable from it, such as the sun's radiation - the sun, the earth's growth needs all the sun. Although the electromagnetic radiation does not change the molecular nature of the organism, causing direct damage, but if the energy is large, will also have a certain impact on the organism, reflected in two aspects: thermal effects and induced current. Household equipment can also cause interference, such as cell phones, radios and televisions. The generation of electromagnetic radiation According to the basic theory of electromagnetism, there will be a corresponding electric field distribution around the charged particles. The charged particles will change with time. If there is a potential difference between the two points with different potentials around the charged particles, Voltage; when a large number of charged particles move when the formation of the current, the current around the magnetic field, with the time of the current will change the magnetic field. Similarly, the time-varying magnetic field can also produce electric field, so that changes in the electric field and the magnetic field alternately generated, perpendicular to each other and continue to spread to the space, resulting in electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation carried by the size of the energy depends on the frequency of the high and low frequency, the greater the energy. Electromagnetic radiation of photovoltaic systems PV system is composed of photovoltaic modules, brackets, DC cables, inverters, AC cables, power distribution cabinets, transformers and other components, which stent is not charged, naturally does not produce electromagnetic interference. PV modules and DC cables, which are DC current, the direction does not change, can only produce electric field, can not produce magnetic field. Although the output transformer is AC, but the frequency is very low, only 50Hz, the resulting magnetic field is very low. Inverter is the DC power into the AC equipment, which has a power electronic transformation, the frequency is generally 5-20KHz, it will produce alternating electric field, it will also produce electromagnetic radiation. The state has strict standards for elec...

  • Factors Affecting the Service Life of Solar Street Lamp Controllers 2017-09-22
    Factors Affecting the Service Life of Solar Street Lamp Controllers

    Solar street lamp controller warranty period is how long, the design life is how long, which is a lot of the purchase of the controller of the technical staff and procurement staff are most concerned about one of the problems, then the solar street lamp controller by which the life The impact of it, and now I am one by one analysis:    A: The choice of controller components related    Components to choose the preferred solar controller to determine the service life, some manufacturers in order to save costs, choose some of the lack of precision, poor resistance components, Month, as many as six months, component performance failure, the controller or no high and low voltage protection, or can not normally detect the voltage, resulting in street lights can not work, serious damage to the battery.    Second: the controller of the processing technology    Some small workshops using manual plug-in, man-made easily lead to errors, some resistance plug in, some capacitors inserted wrong. Affecting the life of solar street light controller. Anhui JNGE Power uses all-chip technology, machine operation, to reduce the artificial bad.   Three: waterproof level    Solar street light controller is generally installed in the outdoors, 365 days of uninterrupted work, the use of the environment is very bad, if not all waterproof, or installed in a waterproof box, over time, it is easy to cause short-circuit internal electronic components. Cause bad. Anhui JNGE Power solar controller with full glue technology, waterproof rating IP68. Can adapt to any harsh working environment.

  • Common Failures of Solar System Controllers 2017-09-11
    Common Failures of Solar System Controllers

    Off-grid solar system controller common faults are mainly divided into: can not be charged, the charging current is too small, the battery power consumption fast, the load can not work.Let's do some analysis about the specific problem as bellows: Ⅰ.The solar panel can not charge the battery 1.To confirm whether the solar panel connection is correct, if the positive and negative is reversed or not. 2. If the solar panels are blocked. 3. If the solar panel specifications are correct,whether the open circuit voltage meets the requirements of the controller. 4. If the power of the solar panel exceed the controller's rated system.When the power is too large, may lead to solar intelligent controller burned. 5. If the battery is full, when the battery is full of controller,it will into the floating stage, the charging current will become very small. Ⅱ.Battery power is not enough, will no electricity soon 1. If the battery capacity design is reasonable, too small for the capacity, the use of natural time is short. 2. Battery aging, the battery life is generally 2-3 years, the battery capacity attenuation is very large, need to regularly replace the battery. 3. If the battery have a short circuit during the installation process,Short-circuit damaged battery,the capacity is reduced too much. 4. The load power exceeds the design power. Ⅲ.The load does not work 1. To confirm the operating voltage of the load is the same as the controller output voltage 2. If there is no short circuit and overload of the load 3. If the controller load output has not been turned off by manually 4. If the battery voltage is too low or too high lead to controller load protection 5. Whether the load output has a delay setting

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