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  • Notes for Inverter's Installation 2017-03-27
    Notes for Inverter's Installation

    1. Before installation, you should check whether the inverter is damaged or not during transportation. 2. When selecting the installation site, you should ensure that there is no interference from any other power electronic equipment in the surrounding area. 3. Before you making electrical connections, please use opaque material covered the PV panel or disconnected the DC-side circuit breaker. Photovoltaic arrays will produce dangerous voltages if them are exposure to sunlight. 4. All installation operations must be done only by professional technicians. 5. The cables used in the PV system must be securely connected, well insulated, and properly sized. 6. All electrical installations must meet local and national electrical standards. 7. The inverter ca be connected after the local power sector has been approved and all electrical connections have been made by a professional technician. 8. Before performing any maintenance work, first you need disconnect the connection between inverter and electrical grid, then disconnect the DC side electrical connection. 9. Wait at least 5 minutes until the internal components are discharged, then you can repair the inverter. 10. Before turning on the inverter again, any machine failure that can affects the inverter safety must be immediately removed . 11. Avoid unnecessary board contact. 12. Observe the static protection standard, wear anti-static bracelet. 13. Watch and follow the warning signs on the product. 14. Perform a preliminary visual inspection of the equipment for damage or other dangerous conditions. 15. Attention the inverter hot surface, such as power semiconductor heat sink. Because the inverter still maintain a high temperature after it is power off. Position Requirements of Inverter Installation 1. Do not install the inverter in direct sunlight position. Otherwise it may cause additional internal temperature, even the temperature is too high lead to inverter temperature failure. 2. Select a installation site should be strong enough to support the weight of the inverter for a long time. 3. The installation site should at an ambient temperature between -25 ° C to 50 ° C, the installation environment should be clean. 4. The environment humidity of installation site should be below 95%, and no condensation. 5. There should be enough clearance in front of the inverter to make it easy to observe data and repair. 6. Install the inverter as far as away from the residents, because its operation will produce some noise. 7. Installation place should be stable, can not be shake.

  • What are the main differences between the MPPT controller and the traditional solar controller?   2017-03-23
    What are the main differences between the MPPT controller and the traditional solar controller?

    The MPPT controller for the solar charge discharge controller, is used in solar power generation system, the control of multiple solar array on the automatic control equipment of battery and battery for solar inverter load power supply. It is a traditional solar charging and discharging controller. Today we compare the difference between the MPPT solar controller and the traditional solar controller to find out why it can replace the traditional solar controller.      Solar charge controller traditional gearbox is like manual, when the engine speed is increased, if the transmission gear without a corresponding increase, is bound to affect the speed. But for the traditional controller, charging parameters are set in the factory before, that is, the MPPT controller will power the largest real-time tracking of solar panels, to play the maximum effect of solar panels. The higher the voltage, the maximum power tracking, you can output more power, thereby improving the charging efficiency.        Theory, the solar power generation system using MPPT controller will be 50% higher than the efficiency of the traditional, but according to our practical tests, due to the impact of the surrounding environment and energy losses, the final efficiency can be increased by 20%-30%. In this sense, MPPT solar charging and discharging controller, is bound to eventually replace the traditional solar controller.

  • Africa photovoltaic field development 2017-03-20
    Africa photovoltaic field development

     The rapid development of the global energy storage market, industry experts predict 2017 will usher in the explosive growth of Africa as one of the solar energy resources and the world's largest emerging market, or will become the photovoltaic and energy storage under a hot market growth. Off grid power system is a small-scale solar energy projects in Africa, which also allows the field of solar energy experts have found a new direction of technology. Especially in the daily lighting, mobile phone charging this small-scale, off grid power network developers have brought unlimited potential. At present, there are a number of African power projects are aimed at this type of local development activities. At present, the company has benefited from the model, it is worth learning from investors. African politics and economy continued stable (in most areas), the city and the rapid population growth, urgent need for various infrastructure projects, for the manufacturing industry, increase exports, power resources and the need for the development of natural resources such as the process of modernization, power supply and demand were caused by a large number of electric power market gradually standardized (although slow, but steady progress in), the traditional energy prices continued to rise, the government does not want to diesel, coal to make up the new requirements, and hydroelectric power is not strong African resources, continued to decline the cost of PV, promote the balance of grid parity. Tanzania "Guardian" reported on February 28th, the global market on a recent research report that Africa off grid solar market size in 2015 more than one million units, is expected in 2017 to 2024 of off grid solar lighting market will reach $1 billion 400 million

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