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  •  Solar issues of the Australian energy market operators 2017-06-21
    Solar issues of the Australian energy market operators

    According to the Australian energy market operators (AEMO) said that the rapid growth of the roof photovoltaic applications in southwest Australia (solar charge controller), the electricity demand will peak to the sunset after a period of time. The rooftop photovoltaic system is expected to reduce the peak demand for power in the southwestern region of 2016/17 (SWIS) in March 1st this year by 7.2% to 3.67GW, the lowest summer peak in eight years. The figure comes from AEMO's 2017 electricity market development opportunity statement (ESOO) for the wholesale electricity market (WEM). Executive general manager of Cameron Parrotte AEMO in Western Australia said: "solar roof (000591) the application of the system not only reduces the annual operating costs increased, while reducing daytime demand on the grid, will be transferred to the daily peak demand later." The operator also expects strong growth trend of the roof installation system will continue, and further reduce the demand for electricity every day at noon. Mr Parrotte said the situation would also lead to "late peak demand for electricity" after sunset every day, which is worth a rapid increase". The resulting "duck shape curve" in the load model will further require the grid power to start and close more frequently, and the interval / duration is shorter. This means that thermal power providers will face higher operating costs and lower power demand, AEMO says. "We need market and system reforms to ensure solar power system controller system security, and to ensure that the costs associated with the transition are minimal for consumers." Mr. Parrotte said.  

  • Combinatorial Logic Controller 2017-06-14
    Combinatorial Logic Controller

    Combined logic controller, also known as hard-wired controller (solar charge controller MPPT), composed of logic circuits, completely by hardware to achieve the function of the instruction. Design steps: (1)Design machine instruction system: specify the type of instruction, the number of instructions and the order and function of each instruction. (2)Initial overall design: such as register settings, bus arrangements, calculator design, the connection between components and so on. (3)Draw instruction flow chart: mark each instruction at what time, what parts of what kind of operation. (4)Scheduling operation schedule: that is, according to the instruction flow diagram decomposition of the operation for the micro-operation, according to the time period listed in the machine should be micro-operation. (5)List of micro-operation signal expression, simplification, circuit implementation. Basic composition: (1) The instruction register is used to store the instruction being executed. The instruction is divided into two parts: the opcode and the address code. The opcode is used to indicate the operational nature of the instruction, such as addition, subtraction, etc .; the address code gives the operand address of the instruction or the information about the address of the operand (in this case, the operand address is formed by the address forming circuit). There is an instruction called a branch instruction, which is used to change the normal execution order of the instruction. The address code part of this instruction gives the address of the instruction to be executed. (2) opcode decoder: used to decode the instruction code, generate the corresponding control level, complete the analysis of the command function. (3) timing circuit: used to generate time stamp signal. In microcomputers, the time stamp signal is typically three levels: instruction cycle, bus cycle and clock cycle. The micro-operation command generation circuit generates various micro-operation commands that specify the operation of the instruction. The main basis for these commands is the time stamp and the finger. The nature of the operation. The circuit is actually the micro-operation control signal expression (such as the above A → L expression) circuit implementation, it is the most complex part of the logic controller. (4) instruction counter: used to form the next instruction ( used to direct user about solar power system controller ) to be executed address. Normally, the instructions are executed sequentially, and the instructions are stored sequentially in the memory. Therefore, in general, the address of the next instruction to be executed can be formed by adding the current address to 1, and the micro operation command "1" is used for this purpose. If the transfer instruction is executed, the address of the next instruction to be executed is the address to be transferred. The address is in the address code field of the branch instruction, so it is sent directly to the instru...

  • Solar energy prices fell sharply, the future go from where 2017-06-05
    Solar energy prices fell sharply, the future go from where

    Last week, the data released a report on the occasion of the Laurence Berkeley National Laboratory, Sun City on Friday also launched the so-called rooftop solar panels in the world's most efficient. As the nation's largest residential solar supplier, Sun City says the new product will generate 38% more than standard panels and lower costs.  It was a pretty good achievement for an industry that did not exist in the United States 10 years ago. Although solar power currently accounts for only 1% of all electricity, solar energy costs are lower, helping the development of large-scale, public sector solar projects.   As the UN climate talks are drawing near, solar energy is the key to global efforts to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and cut carbon emissions. "When you have made so great progress, is almost a hobby for the development of a mainstream industry, really great, it is exciting," Sun City's co-founder and chief technology officer Peter Rive said. (Rive's cousin, Elon Musk, President of Sun City, recently launched the Tesla battery system, and is also working to boost solar power's appeal to utilities.) Rive says the company's new solar panel is taking a step on the road to turning solar energy into cheaper energy, without seeking federal investment, tax breaks, and other incentives."  Currently, the federal government will return 30% of the cost of a solar system to its customers. But the tax cuts will end by the end of next year, so the solar industry must try its best to reduce prices as soon as possible. Laurence Berkeley national laboratory report predicted that "the next 15 months, the solar energy industry will have a big action."According to the report, the price of electricity purchased from large-scale solar power plants is now on average 5 cents per kilowatt hour, while the wholesale electricity market is priced at 3-6 cents per cent. So far, the steep decline in solar equipment has not made electricity prices fall. In most areas, and even in large solar power plants, people spend more on electricity bills than they did in previous years, because the retail price of electricity is determined by a variety of factors. This could also mean that more power will be supplied by non fossil fuels, which, after all, are not as susceptible to price changes as fossil fuels.   Mark Bolinger co authored the report that, although the new solar projects and existing fossil fuel power plant cost is hard to make a direct comparison, but in some areas, solar power and thermal power is close to a relatively high point. "Only a few years ago, solar power was just an extension of thermal power," he said. The decline in electricity prices for large solar projects reflects a reduction in construction costs. The report pointed out that in 2009 -2014, the construction cost of solar energy projects fell by more than 50%. At the same time, due to the more reasonable location and more advanced technology, the power generati...

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